Feet are a reflection of the soul and determine your personality. In this article I’ll try to help you to identify your morphologically's feet. There are three recognized types:

Egyptian Foot


Perhaps the foot type that best suits morphologically different activities. Big toe’s usually the longest and the other toes decreases in perfect order (that’s visible on Pharaohs statues). However, it may happen that big toe is too long in others related. About personality, egyptian feet holders are usually enterprising, charismatic and safety people. This type’s the most common stand with about 60% population over the world.

Polynesian Foot (Squared or Roman)

poli2 poli

Polynesian’s foot maybe the strangest: all toes are practically in same length, except perhaps the little one (as seen as Gauguin’s paintings).

If you have polynesian foot probably you'll be a little shy person but intelligent, sensitive and abled to listen and feel others. This foot type presents approximately 25% of the population.

Greek Foot:

greek3 P1040218
greek greek2

These feet usually have the second toe longer than the big toe (you can appreciate that on ancient Greece’statues), also could be a larger space between those two fingers, which in some cases causes pain. Greek foot carriers are normally very hardworking and enterprising, with noble and cheerful personality, family and interpersonal relationships lover. About 15% of people have this kind of foot.

What kind is yours? Or better, what type of feet is your favourite?

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