12. Foot Missionary Queen

Foot Missionary Queen’ has more than 12k suscribers and is one of the most peculiar foot fetish channel I’ve never seen. It’s not about foot fetish, it’s about a strange weird vibe of a church girl who likes to show her soles while talking about religion… ‘My mission and heart desire is to connect people with God  and lead peopleto Christ Conciousness. I create spiritual art with my feet and parts of the Shroud of Turin.’ Sounds strange, right? Anyway she’s so kinky, with those wrinkled soles and that playful toes. You can also hear her prayers on her website, Instagram, or even make donations on her parish… em sorry, I meant on her Patreon. She’s like a fetishitst telepreacher. At risk of being punished by God and burn myself in Hell for the next blasphemy, I must say: Oh bro, that religious shit turns me on a lot, hahaha.