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Foot fetish, as I have already said several times, is a complex subject that has many variants and can be approached in different ways and from different perspectives.

The most obvious is about sexual nature; Due to its composition and morphology, feet have many nerve endings that cause high sexual pleasure in some people, so they become a usual pleasure’s tool for many couples, especially as part of sexual pre-heating.

Foot Fetish is also essential in the BDSM category, domination / submission games and similars, in its more light or extreme degree, the feet symbolize the power and control of the dominant par, wich in turn, must be worshipped by the submissive part.

But Foot Fetish doesn’t always have to be related with sex: a real voyeur can enjoy a lot only watching beautiful feet -especially in summer- without the need to interact or have physical contact with them.

In a social way, foot fetish is a strange and curious practice for those who don’t practice it and, although it has, literally, millions of followers, it’s socially little accepted. But if we introduce the element “Art” in the equation, we have a different story.

Adding an artistic approach in a beautiful feet image, striking backgrounds, color filters or black and white; in photography, painting or video (…) we give it a more erotic meaning than pornographic.

Only a few websites are able to merge art and foot fetish with success; one of them is known as FootExtravaganza, an atypical place focused on artistic foot fetish. It’s sophisticated and elegant with a very suggestive erotic background.

Specially for people with sensitivity for art and photography, for those who look exquisite quality in productions and also, for artistic and professional purposes now that foot fetish is a fashion trend and begins to be included -in a way direct or indirect-, in many types of television or film productions.

The proposal is serious and very professional, away from the topics that relate foot fetish to pornography, with a more artistic / erotic feeling than explicit sexual.

You can visit their website at or by clicking HERE

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