Wikipedia defines it as; “the exchange of sexual services, performances, or products for material compensation. It includes activities of direct physical contact between buyers and sellers… as well as indirect sexual stimulation”. But what if it is in digital form? What if its merely taking pictures or video of your feet and posting it on the web for men and women to do whatever they do when watching feet? Is it sex work then?

In this book, Digital Sex Work: How Your Webcam, Cell Phone & Pedicure Can Make You Rich, you will learn how to secretly and covertly earn passive income from taking pics & vids of your feet and posting them online without having to launch a website!

However, before we get started in showing you how to make money with your web cam and camera phone using your feet. I want to be very clear that the author of this book in no way, shape or form is promoting any type of prostitution. This book is recommended for women age i8+ and not intended to be pornographic or degrading to women in any way.

This book is designed to be informative and educational for the millions of men and women who have a foot fetish and would like to discover how they can legitimately earn a living taking videos/photos of their feet. Digital Sex Work: How Your Webcam, Cell Phone & Pedicure Can Make You Rich is about celebrating a woman’s full sexuality and self empowerment.

Dream Girls in Socks-site

There is no age limit to launching your own foot fetish empire and there are many women online right now who are earning income and posting photos/videos of their gorgeous feet in their 8o’s and dare I say 90’s such as the Erotic Crone on Fetlife.

So don’t let age come between you and your toes! LOL

1-Digital Sex Work

Are You Born To Be Worshiped?

If you found the title of this book and its contents interesting or intriguing, it probably means you were born to be worshiped, admired and exalted by men and women; if not from your head to your toes then in reverse! That being said, if you apply just a small portion of this action steps in this book, you are going to have to get used to being in charge of an enormous male fan base and owing your sexual domination!

This book is designed to turn you into an amateur foot fetish goddess, guru or star. There will be countless men (and women) who will literally worship the ground you walk on and make you feel like a million bucks just sharing your precious peds with them. And who knows, you might just make a million bucks following the suggestions in this book!

The Many Benefits of Launching Your Own Amateur Foot Fetish Empire:

  • You can make money 24/7 on your own terms
  • You don’t have to worry about copyright infringement or licensing since you are taking pictures and videos of your own feet
  • You can create as much or as little content as you want
  • You can set your own hours
  • You don’t have to share your earnings, or publishing rights with a publishing house
  • You know, love and believe in the product; your feet!
  • You don’t need a lot of (and in most cases zero) startup money
  • You can truly do it yourself (DIY)
  • You can be private, discreet and keep your anonymity or go public and become a foot goddess guru

2-Digital Sex Work

What You Will Learn In This Book:

  • I am going to show you How To Become An Amateur Foot Goddess Model by developing your Foot Fetish Theme
  • The different types of Foot Fetish and how to choose between softcore and hardcore
  • How to Choose Your Online Publishing Platform(s)
  • How to Up Your WordPress Foot Fetish Blog
  • How to take pictures/videos of your feet and post them online to make instant income
  • You will discover Your Most Controversial or Suggestive Foot Photo Shoot
  • How to choose the best types of photos/videos of your feet
  • How pick the best blog/website platform
  • You will learn how often you should produce content
  • The best natural lighting arrangement
  • How to use your camera phone and/or webeam to produce unlimited content
  • How to launch your foot fetish empire without a website
  • You will learn the top i8 platforms to launch your foot fetish empire
  • Read one-on-one interviews with actual amateur foot fetish women who spifi the beans on what works and what doesn’t
  • How to use social media to launch and promote your foot fetish business
  • How to use micro outsourcing platforms to earn instant income with photos/videos of your feet
  • How to use to acquire anything you want for free
  • How to use the naughty side of Ebay to earn substantial profits with your tootsies
  • Sixteen immediate and easy foot fetish money makers that don’t require you to have a website
  • Four Q&A interviews with successful amateur Foot Fetish Goddesses

Why You Should Read This Book

I had an epiphany or an «ah ha” moment when I realized that there are millions of women out there who could easily earn substantial income; earning discreet digital income using one of their best God-given assets, but have no idea how to go about it. So, I decided I might as well show others how easy it is to do.

Although, I’m an Internet Marketing Specialist, you don’t have to be internet savvy to launch your own foot fetish empire, nor do you ‘t have to be a professional photographer or foot model. In fact, simply using the camera or video on your phone, there are millions of women around the world taking advantage of the amateur foot fetish market. It is booming just like reality TV, because people like seeing the real thing versus something scripted and highly stylized. Another reason the amateur foot fetish industry is soaring to new heights is because it has moved from mere internet voyeurism to economic consumerism. Women can now make money with their feet and never have to show their face if they choose not to.

Highly educated women are launching foot fetish sites, and providing digital sex work services to pay for college, stay-at-home moms are earning extra income and treating it as a home based business. Some women are paying their rent or the mortgage. Regardless of the reason, launching your own foot fetish she has never been more simple and need I say in today’s economy; necessary!





In the Huffington Post, an article written by Dr. Yvonne K. Fuibright entitled, «Is Sex Work Becoming ‘No Big Deal’, it says a British study, published in the journal. Sex Education, found that 16.5% of undergraduates would consider sex work, with 93% pointing to money as the primary incentive. Another Leeds University study, involving over 200 lap-dancers, reported that one in three participants engaged in such work to fund their schooling.

3-Digital Sex Work

According to Nouse. York students turn to sex work to fund degrees. Dozens of university students in York have turned to sex work as they struggle to fund their degrees, Nouse revealed. As many as 30 students in York are operating as escorts, and eight agencies in the area were able to provide student escorts. One agency said they had up to seven students available.

In an exclusive Q&A interview, excerpted from the Philippe Matthews radio show with sex expert, Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, she spoke openly about the new reality of Sex Work:

I read in the Huffington Post that you wrote a book called Sex Work Becoming ‘No Big Deal.’ This is an old term that has a new twist it seems like, as the economy has taken a dip. Young people and older people have chosen to use technology in a completely different way. Can you talk about this a little bit?

Sure. There was a University ofArkansas study that was put out that found that a number of U.S. women are actually going to work as far as high quality illegal prostitution and what was meant by that is that they were either going to the internet and advertising themselves or joining high end escort services.

That is amazing. This is, I guess, a new trend that basically you could do anonymously. What do you think the moral implications, if any, are?


Well, this definitely depends on who you ask. The research also indicated that a number of these women are educated, a number of them reported coming from a strong family background. They weren’t necessarily street kids or people from broken homes, but they were seeing this as a way to make money, provide more stability and autonomy. At the same time, some of them are also saying, ‘Tm getting some job satisfaction out of this,” which is actually reflective of similar studies that have been done in Australia, where sex work is handled much more differently and more legally than it is over here.

This all comes down to a person’s value system and moral system, as far as f this is problematic or not. For me, Ifeel that f a person is doing it from a place of empowerment and doing it safely and taking care of their sexual health and those of their clients first and foremost, then I would need to withhold any judgment I would have over those kinds of interactions, because ultimately at the end of the day, it’s none of my business, f it’s not doing any harm to anybody besides those two involved.

It appears that trading money for footfun and foot fetish is more than doable! In fact, its not just women in the U.S., who have found financial efficacy online, Berlin Studies Centre study has reported that one in three university students in Berlin would consider sex work as a way to pay for their education. It further found that over 29% of university students in Paris and 18.5% in Kiev would contemplate such. Some 4% of the 3,200 Berlin participants reported already having engaged in some type of sex work, like erotic dancing, Internet performances, or prostitution. Researchers speculated that greater student workloads and higher fees have made sex work’s high hourly wages quite attractive.

These “artistic performers,” as they are often called, don ‘t feel victimized. As Dr. Fuibright mentioned, some women cite perks of the job, like more money made in less time, aflexible work schedule, a sense of independence, and anonymity are all strong motivators.

4-Digital Sex Work


50 Shades of Foot Fetish and Mommy Porn

Mommy Porn; this is another one of the many labels that your online foot fetish empire will fall under. The term has gained tremendous popularity due to the book that took the world by storm and the movie that has since been made. 50 Shades of Grey sold more than 40 mifiion copies all over the world in an extremely short amount of time and stayed on the best-seller’s list of USA Today for more than i weeks—definitely a record!


According to an excerpt from the Philippe Matthews Show blog, it’s expected that romance fiction such as this is going to attract millions of young adults, especially if they have very open minds about sex. Interestingly, they found that o Shades of Grey also appealed to another demographic: moms. This novel has created quite a buzz along with a new genre; “mommy porn”, it has become a mainstream word and now women or moms with beautiful feet can be associated with it.

Psychologists have tried to explain to explain this new literary and societal genre by first recognizing that this type of book is easy to read, thus a perfect companion while mothers wait for their kids to finish school or while the washing machine does its job.

It also has something to do with the presence of a lot of platforms in which the book can be read. Tablets, dedicated e-book readers, and smart phones now allow these moms to carry mommy porn anywhere they go without detection or feeling embarrassed. Did you know that you do not need a Kindle to read a Kindle book? You can read them for free on any computer or tablet using Amazons free software.

Goddess Worship: Why Men Are Obsessed With Women’s Feet

I guess it’s safe to say as the author of this book, I worship women; their feet, their legs, and their EVERYTHING! Not to sound cliche, but to me, women are truly the greatest creation God could have ever made, which is why I love the joke that God must be a man because their is nothing on earth more beautiful than a well groomed, well pedicured woman!

Obsession as it is defined, is a compulsive preoccupation or fixation of an idea or a thing. In the case of this book, as to why men are obsessed with women’s feet is only in the mind of the foot fetish. Whether there is an unusual interest in feet, foot accessories or footwear, men with this kind of obsession find gratification in touching, massaging, watching, licking, sucking or kissing a woman’s feet. Studies show that this is a form of submission to women. Men would adore and kiss a women’s feet just like a beautiful, mystical goddess being worshiped. Most women would love to be treated like this and if you look into the mind of a man staring and admiring a woman’s nicely pedicured foot, it could connote that the man might also be sexually interested in the woman other than her feet. Her perfectly pedicured toes of course are connected to a nice pair of legs and we all know what they lead to…

Criminally Obsessed With Feet

However, your pretty little peds could get you into trouble when dealing with some men who are truly obsessed with women’s feet such as a Jackson, Tennessee man with Foot Fetish charged with stalking as reported by WATN-TV Local 24 News, had a history of asking women to show him their feet and was arrested after trespassing into a woman’s apartment to watch her sleep. In Sacramento, California, a Homeless Man With Foot Fetish Plead No Contest To Charges and faced up to 6 years in prison for his obsession with women’s feet according to Sacramento CBS 13.

William Russell, was accused of stalking women so he could suck on their toes and pleaded no contest to two counts of first-degree burglary, one count of sexual battery and one count of attempted sexual battery under a plea agreement, the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office announced. He will be sentenced to 6 years and io months in prison and will be required to register as a sex offender when he’s released on parole.

In the exclusive CBS 13 jailhouse interview, Russell declared his criminal weakness for exposed toes. “I’ve had a fetish all my life and it’s always been under control and stuff,”he said. “I’d massage them at least, or suck them. I remember I was younger sucking toes.” He admitted that his obsession, and love for women’s toes put him behind bars. “God allowed me to love feet, female feet.”

7-Digital Sex Work

Is Foot Fetish A Sexual Perversion?

As a result of this one man’s conviction and foot obsession, the Sacramento prosecutor deemed foot fetish a ‘sexual perversion’ as reported in the Sacramento News & Review. Click  to read the official release from the district attorney’s office.


DATE: October 1, 2013

CASE: William Russell

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Allison Dunham, Adult Sexual Assault

District Attorney Jan Scully announced today that William Russell pled no contest to two counts of first degree burglary, one count of sexual battery and one count of attempted sexual battery. The burglary offenses are strikes under California law.

Russell, who did not know the victims, took interest in the victims’ toes and feet. He complimented both victims on their feet and asked if he could touch them. Both victims declined and tried to ignore him. Russell then followed both victims to their apartments and forced his way inside. He sexually assaulted one victim and tried to sexually assault the other victim, but she was able to push him out of her apartment.

Deputy District Attorney Allison Dunham states, “The defendant’s sexual perversion led to acts of violence that terrified these innocent women. He will now face sign jficant consequences for these crimes and will have to register as a convicted sex offender for the rest of his life.

Remembering Rex Ryan

Of course, you could not talk about foot fetish obsession without brining up NLF star, Rex Ryan and his videos that TMZ blasted with the headline, “Jets Coach is ‘Tarantino of Tootsies’!” They reported that the New York Jets head coach’s fancy footwork made him a star as he was offered a trip to Vegas and his very own foot fetish booth at the Adult Entertainment Expo.

TMZ further reported that, which boasts the biggest fetish clip store online, extended a $10,000 offer for Ryan and his wife Michelle to sign autographs and take pictures in their very own booth at the porn convention.

It all stems from a report on, which claimed to have unearthed foot fetish videos starring Michelle Ryan, and filmed by Rex, which had been posted online under the user name “thaveprettyfeet.” CLIPS4SALE was so impressed with Rex’s directing skills -they coined him the “Tarantino of Tootsies,” and believe Michelle and her “heavenly hooves” could be the biggest seller on their site. They’ve even offered to change the booth colors to green and white in honor of the Jets.

Quentin Tarantino‘s Foot Fetish Obsession

Speaking of Tarantino of Tootsies, its been long rumored that the A list producer/director has a foot fetish or at least cinematically. Uma Thurman toasted Quentin Tarantino’s foot fetish by pouring and drinking champagne from her Christian Louboutins. Then there is the email and photos called, “The Quentin Tarantino Toe-Sucking Sex Email That Will Haunt Your Dreams” that will never go away.

According to a blog post called. “Quentin Tarantino Talks Feet. Fear & Films» by United Kingdom’s Little White Lies, “Feet are dangerous, sexy things in Tarantino’s world. Bridget Fonda’s ringed piggies seduce a killer in Jackie Brown. Thurman’s paralyzed toes become screen-filling to(e)tems in Kill BilL Kurt Russell gives Rosario Dawson’s feet a tongue ‘n’ tickle in Death Proof. Christoph Waltz ominously undresses Diane Kruger’s in Inglourious Basterds. And there’s QT himself, using a vampy Salma Hayek’s feet like a tequila flume in From Dusk Tifi Dawn.” In fact, there was a glimpse of Kerry Washington’s feet in Django Unchained.

5-Digital Sex Work

There’s even a gag Facebook page called Quinton Tarantino’s Foot Fetish. Someone took the time to find rare footage of Tarantino in a scene talking about feet with a collage of feet scenes from his movies in Quentin Tarantino’s Foot Fetish. But most will find it hilarious to watch this Quentin Tarantino Spoof Compilation and Foot Scenes on YouTube.

Be A Responsible Adult

Another level of foot fetish obsession that crosses the line is when young, teenage girls who are starving for attention think foot fetish is a fun game and get caught up with perverts and predators from their lack of judgment along with their struggle for sexual identity and womanhood. In a disturbing excerpt titled, ‘Lakeside Lolita’, Hannah Anderson flirts with fetish on in All Voices, they say «It has already been reported that Hannah Anderson “came unglued” on her profile this week, but the content of the Q&A is what inspires worry. Hannah is only i6-years-old, a teenage girl who has just gone through an extremely high profile incident that has many believing she is the victim of kidnapping. That is why it is just shocking that no responsible adult in her life is keeping an eye on her online behavior, especially since she is now sexually exploiting herself to anonymous perverts.

On her account Hannah acknowledges that the “weirdest” question she ever got was from an anonymous person who asked if he could “suck her toes and massage herfeetforever.” However, she immediately began participating in a conversation about her feet with an anonymous poster who took interest in her, her dancing, and — oddly — her feet and what shoes she wore. This anonymous poster then requested that Hannah show a photo of her feet, to which she obliged happily, though she spoke of not liking feet in a playful manner.

Hannah Anderson may be unwittingly exploiting herself sexually to anonymous men (and perhaps women) who are getting off on her feet — as she even admitted that those were the types of questions she was getting. It’s hard to say if she is doing this on purpose. She couldn’t possibly realize that these people are actually sexually exploiting her, but the details of her story are already stranger than fiction — stranger than the Stanley Kubrick classic “Lolita.”

Hannah’s father, or someone in her life, needs to sit her down and explain to her what’s going on with these fetish lovers who are sending her inappropriate comments about her feet. Perhaps she doesn’t realize that this is a sexual fetish, but maybe she does. Regardless of her knowledge or involvement in this, this is still a i6-year-old girl and her openness on social media is leading her to sexually exploiting herself, right under the noses of all around her. She is already the talk of the town, so-to-speak, with plenty of rumors and speculation that she was sexually involved with Jim DiMaggio, so these foot fetish posts aren’t helping her image any.logo-web

Why Foot Fetish Is Becoming So Popular

The answer is “I don’t know”. Fetish is a rapidly expanding minority. The statistics are not clear; yet, there is an increasing number of people who are «searchingD for the meaning of this sexual fascination. This increasing minority may be the people who are born with a proclivity for this kind of sexual bias for female feet or others who might just be curious. Did you know the legendary “Elvis” had a foot fetish? Jay Leno has also admitted to having a great appreciation for women’s feet and Tommy Lee is also a famous foot admirer.

There are countless hypotheses as to why foot fetishism is becoming more popular and mainstream. In an excerpt from a blog entry entitled, “Celebrity Foot Fetish” by Wes Laurie as to why foot fetishism is becoming so popular, he says, “The short answer: no one can truly say. One of the most popular theories is that the feet and the genitals occupy adjacent areas of the somatosensory cortex, possibly entailing some neural communication between the two. The mentioned cortex is a structure in the parietal lobe of the brain dealing with sensory input. Other theories abound, but once again formula variations make pinpointing the actual root cause on a whole scale impossible.”

Foot Fetish is becoming so mainstream that on the Arsenio Hall Show, Michelle Trachtenberg talked about her foot fetish followers. Michelle Trachtenberg is an accomplished actor and an amazing person, but some people can’t see past her feet. Michelle tells Arsenio what that’s like. (Source: IMDb)

6-Digital Sex Work

Defining A Foot Fetish

According to Wikipedia, Foot fetishism, foot partialism, foot worship, or podophilia is a pronounced sexual interest in feet. it is the most common form of sexual preference for otherwise non-sexual objects or body parts. Foot fetish has been defined as a pronounced sexual interest in the feet or footwear.

Freud considered foot binding as a form of fetishism. For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of the foot and toes (i.e., long toes, short toes, pointed toes, high arches, slender soles, fat toes, long toenails, short toenails, small feet, toenail color), jewelry, toe rings, ankle bracelets, treatments e.g.: french pedicure, state of dress (i.e., barefoot, flip flops, or clad in socks or nylons), odor, and any form of sensory interaction, e.g. licking, sucking, tickling, people giving foot jobs, pedal pumping and trampling/stomping.

In another excerpt from the Philippe Matthews Show with Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright, when asked why is foot fetishism becoming so popular and what is the origin of the word fetish? Dr. Fulbright responded to the Q&A with…


Actually, fetish the word is one of the most misunderstood words in sexual attraction when it comes to understanding sexual behaviors, with the foot fetish being a classic example of this. For somebody to have afoot fetish,for example, it’s not an actualfetish, but it’s a case of what’s called partialism, the partialism being a situation where a person has exclusive attraction to a body part. A fetish is a situation where a person has learned to attach a sexual signf1cance to an object or to a behavior, which is in large part not considered erotic in nature. The most common fetishes tend to be objects like shoes, lingerie, things made of rubber or leather. I can talk more about the foot fetish in particular, f you’d like.




It’s really a misnomer, if anything.


A misnomer how?


Partialism is the situation specijïcally where a person has exclusive attraction to a body part, but the word fetish originally had nothing to do with sex and it was actually derived from the Portuguese word feitico and I don’t know if I’m saying it correctly, because I don’t speak Portuguese, but old world Portuguese explorers used that term to describe any religious arnfczcts regarded by tribal cultures as having magical powers. Then, it was in the .z9th century that fetish started to be used to describe some things that sexually excites a person.


Okay. Moving forward, how would we categorize this attraction to feet, because most people say foot fetish, but foot impartialism doesn’t sound as sexy.




Hey, he has foot impartialism, he’s impartial to feet. What would be an appropriate term in conversation to use about this particular type of concept of sexual attraction?


I think the word attraction pretty much captures it or eroticism or even fascination, because it’s not even just the foot as a possible sexual object, but it’s that people like the touch ofthefoot or the odor ofthefoot. I’ve known dominatrices where their client will come in, ask her to put on a pair of sneakers and go for ajog before getting busy, because all he wants to do is smell her feet or smell the shoes, because that’s the most sexually enticing part of the whole social sexual interaction.


Fascinating. I’m just going to use it as a general term here on this interview for time reasons, so would foot fetish be considered under the BDSM category or the kink category or where does that fit in all of this new resurgence of taboo sex.


Where would a foot fetish fit into that whole picture?




Quite honestly, I think it depends on who you ask, because we don’t know why people develop afetish, how it develops, and it can be looked at as healthy obsessive fascination or enthusiasm and then you could equate it to somebody getting really enthusiastic about collecting baseball cards. That’s a pastime that’s considered really harmless, so why should obsessing over feet be any weirder, kinkier, more “abnormal” than somebody fetishizing, if you want to say that, over baseball cards and baseball players? You can cast it as something sexual or you could say it’s something more of a pastime or even just a natural part of human development for some people, this fixation on the feet. Honestly, cit the end of the day, most of these fetishes are harmless and if anything, they’re something that could be envied because you always have something there that turns you on, an arousal object or behavior, so there’s something to envy about it in that way.

I think because so many people feel judged for having this kind of attraction, no matter what it is, it tends to get cast in the unusual or kink behavior category.




Honestly, there’s not enough research on these things to know how many people are into it or not. I would venture to guess that there are more people with some type of ‘‚fetish” than what we realize.


See You Friends


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