Carrie Yunker

My name is Blondi. Back in the year 2000 I owned a thrift store. Someone had donated some really nice name brand shoes. We sold all our shoes for one low price. I decided E-bay would be the best place for such expensive shoes to be sold. I would get messages asking if the shoes smelled. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the buyers wanted them to have a personal scent.

Over the years I would list a pair of really worked over worn out pair of my own shoes just for the thrill of seeing what someone would actually pay to have a pair of my shoes with my personal scent. It was very flattering. I once had a bidding war over my shoes that went for a phenomenal amount. I even have the picture of the auction to prove it. I’ve always had a shoe fetish myself. I take pride in keeping my feet looking hot, and sexy. I always included extras in my out going packages so your surprised when you receive your purchase. I include a picture, or pictures along with my contact information.
But most of all. I love when you e-mail me with all the juicy details about how much you love on my shoes, and how often you love on my shoes. I don’t want to let go of any of my shoe collection, but if I have to. I want them to go with you. You who will love my shoes.
I’m not on E-bay anymore. They booted me for selling to a specific buyer. I feel very offended over the issue. I now have my own website I do everything the same as when I was on E-bay. I accept PayPal including credit cards through the PayPal service. I ship same, or next day Priority shipping through U.S.P.S. 2-3 days insured with a tracking number. My E-bay feedback was awesome. It’s still listed I believe on the E-bay site under blondiluvs2ride. 63% of my shoe buyers come back time, and time again to buy more from me. See for yourself.

Name: Carrie

Country: U.S.

Feet Size: 7.5

Items for sale: Yes

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