For most people a foot massage is a very relaxing and enjoyable experience, as long as you aren’t very ticklish of course. However, receive the attention and devotion of a foot fetishist is wonderful. Not only because puts a lot of effort into it and leisurely, but because of the fact that he is enjoying himself as much as or even more than me, allows me to be much more capricious and demanding.

The foot fetish or Podophilia is one of the most popular although sensations about feet depends of the person. For some people, it may be combined with other fetishes such as heels, stockings and socks, trampling and many more. Foot worship is also a very common practice in a BDSM scene.

Recently Oriol, 65 years old, wrote me that he was eager to share his fascination for female foot. This is what I asked and his replies.

How long have you been a foot fetishist?

My first memories noticing the female foot go back to my maturity. I don’t remember feeling attracted to them before my 40s approximately.

Do you like shoes / heels or do you prefer barefoot?

Shoes are the way to dress your foot. I like barefoot but also suggestively. I can tell you that I love ballerina flats or any shoe that suggests a little “neckline” between toes. The role in this case is exactly the same as that of a conventional neckline that focuses on breasts.

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Summer is the best time to enjoy your fetish with many bare feet in sight?

I don’t think so. Feet are more cracked in summer, with for example calluses on the heels. I can’t stand it. To me they are more exciting in spring, feet are more care and even exotic after several months of socks and boots.

Do you have any other fetishes?

Yes I have, but never as significant as foot. Sometimes I think these others are a simple alternative to rediscover again my fascination for the female foot.

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Have your previous partners understood your fetish?

I think most of women understand this fetish, is related with male tendency or desire to lick and taste an attractive female. The main obstacle is tickling, that understanding is useless if they are very ticklish.

Are you currently in a relationship?

No, I’m not interested.

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How do you practice this fetish?

To be clearly, just the same way you try kisses when you are a teenager. Playing, testing and exploring all the possibilities offered by this practice. For me a new foot is like a universe to be discovered. If I can’t touch feet to satisfy my desires I usually go to shoe stores. Sometimes I have resorted to prostitution. This was before the economic crisis of course.

Why do you think you like women’s feet so much?

Why? Because you have to lick, bite, smell, suck, nibble, sniff, get wet, massage them, tickle them, whip them… There is no reason to explain instincts as ancient as humans.

What kind of foot do you like?

Feminine, soft, white, with toes aligned from highest to lowest and proportionally, with not too pronounced arch and subtly react to stimuli provided to them. If the foot is like that, I like it even dirty.

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