Foot Fetish is probably the most common fetish to date. I Timothy Mark have suffered from this since I was a child. I do not understand why and sometimes it frustrates me. It feels like some kind of addiction. That is why I refer to it as suffering, imagine having uncontrollable urges to gravitate to a certain spot on the female body and being drawn in.

Foot Fetish by Timothy Mark

1-Foot Fetish by Timothy Mark-1

It will consume you as it has done me. I can remember as a child I was instantly drawn to the female foot. It was not just any foot it had to be small and pretty. I cannot understand this and for the last 35 years h has drove me crazy.

I had this desire in my preteen years, in my teen years it became much harder to avoid. When I was a teenager a video by a hair metal band “Whitesnake” was released and every time I watched h I got a major hard on. The video was for the song “Here I go again”. The model in the video was Tawny Kitaen. I cannot tell you just how many times I jacked off to Tawny in that video. This was something that drove me sexually and when I started dating I would find girls with pretty feet and clean toes. Then in my late teens this fetish lead me to porn. The very first porn that I bought on my own was an Ashlyn Gere ifim.

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And so the jacking continued and intensified. Ashlyn had the prettiest feet I had ever seen at that point and I became obsessed with her. I just wanted to find her and lick her feet and cum all over them. I had fallen in love with a porn-star.

This love for me was real. I would end up buying every porn she did and I jacked off to them all. I tried to travel and meet her but I failed. I wanted to marry this woman with the pretty feet and I wanted to kill everyone who was flicking her on film.

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For me I was really in love with her. This sickness was now leading me to thoughts of homicide at such a young age. I began drinking to try and overcome my love for her. I became so obsessed with feet that I would look for television shows and movies that showed women’s feet. I got deeper and deeper into porn and I was having sex like crazy. Woman after woman, girl after girl I was fucking them all. I would flick them all 17 to o years of age.

Lonely housewives I would flick the ever loving shit out of them. I can remember fucking them so hard they would look back with this look like they just been flicked for the first time. Teen girls I would pound their pussies and cum all over them like I never came before.

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Many a pussy I brutalized and with my big dick they never stood a chance. I am not just bragging I am stating a fact my dick is nice and thick as well as long and I busted many a pussy open with h. I would flick with anger and aggression because I was suffering from this fetish that lead me to an obsession with Ashlyn.


I had no desire to be in a relationship with any of these girls. I was just flicking the ever loving shit out of them and the whole time thinking about Ashl n. The worst I treated these girls the more they wanted me. I do not understand this by any means. Many a girl left good men to come jump on my dick and ride. Even though I treated them like shit. I treated them this way because my heart belonged to Ashlyn Gere. Man was I a sick flick. I know I broke many a heart and trampled on many a mind. I crushed dreams, and beat up pussies.

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I know people i1l judge me for these things and truthfully I do not give a flick. I am writing this to try and gain understanding and to let people who suffer from this same thing hear my story. I am not alone with this fetish this I know. What I also know is I am not the only one who has this fetish that recognizes it as a disease. I can tell you that this is a disease because it can cause harm to the person who suffers from this fetish or it can cause harm to the person who is the object of the obsession, or those fucking that person who is the object of obsession.

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As I got older I became obsessed with other actresses and people who had pretty feet like Suzanne Somers, Denise Austin, 1onica Brant, Jennifer Tffly, Chasey Lain, Jill Kelly, Kiana Tom, and many more. I can remember waking up extra early just to watch Denise Austin and jerk my dick. Later on down the road I developed crushes on Shakira, Pink, Madison Ivy and more.

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It is something that continues to consume me. I started making movies full length features in 2008 and of course I included the foot fetish in the photography and film. In my first film I had sexual relations with a couple of actresses just because lloved their feet. I spent a lot of time with one actress in particular and we had many an intimate moment. I got blow jobs in the woods flicked girls in the bushes and was an out of control maniac during the filming of my very first film. And since that film I have had a few other films and photo sessions and this book is from those times. I know everyone with a foot fetish can appreciate this book. I hope you enjoy my photography.


1-Foot Fetish by Timothy Mark-1

See you friends,


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