Present day exists modern brothels where girls work only with their feet. Few time ago the british journal ‘Daily Mail’ published a story about a 19 years old student from New York, Olivia, that makes $800/week part time working as a ‘foot fetish’ prostitute. Olivia just have to take a perfect pedicure and let their customers kiss, touch, caress, lick, smell or suck her feet and better if she have some skills with lower extremities. Furthermore, the fact that there is no need to undress saves many moral prejudices, prevents disease and other complications of conventional sex

Here’s the full interview from Daily Mail:

Initially shocked, Olivia then recalled thinking: ‘I’m only young and living in New York once.’

The self-described ‘broke college kid’ was also desperate to earn extra cash to fund an unpaid internship while studying at New York University. The original Craigslist ad, targeted at women aged 18 to 30, only asked for a name, phone number and head shot.


When Olivia supplied these she was then told to get a pedicure and attend an interview dressed like she was going to a nightclub.  Her audition outfit consisted of a dressy tank top, pants and a pair of black stilettos. On turning up to the Manhattan spa she said that more than 30 girls, who did not speak English, were waiting in the lobby wearing corsets and high heels.

‘I thought they said dress like you were going to a club; apparently, I came a little overdressed,’ she explained.

The man who placed the ad invited each of the girls into a room one-by-one where their feet were inspected.  Olivia, who wears size six-and-a-half shoe, said that he was looking for high arches and small feet. Only ten of the girls made the cut, and the rest were sent off unpaid.

On a typical evening at the spa, which offers daytime services such as massages and scrubs, Olivia says that the clients arrive with bottles of liquor, as the venue cannot legally sell alcohol.  And most bring the ‘girliest’ drinks possible such as ‘whipped-cream Svedka’ and ‘cherry flavored vodka’ in a bid to get the girls tipsy.

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Once everyone has had a few drinks the men are then made to pay a $100 entrance fee to a ‘foot pimp’ who pairs them up with a ‘foot prostitute’. The male client then takes their partner off to a private massage room kitted out with napkins, lotion and wipes.

Recalling her first job Olivia said that a finance man with ‘a little potbelly’ ripped off her black stilettos off with his teeth, massaged her calves, groaned while he sucked her toes and gratified himself fully-dressed, as the spa maintains a strict clothes-on policy.

Olivia said she made made $200 with tip from the 40-minute session, and the man was ‘polite’. She admitted that it was ‘weird at first’ and she wasn’t sure how she should move her feet in a sexy way for such a long amount of time. Male clients usually pay $20 per ten-minute stint, but most give generous tips, especially if the girl can work in some fancy footwork. Olivia said that she would do it again as she didn’t break the law or take off her clothes and her ‘morals are still intact.’

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‘These guys aren’t hurting anyone and everyone’s got their thing that turns them on,’ she added.


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