Welcome Foot Fetish Fan! You’re finally home – we missed you! On this magnificent female foot fetish site we delve into the complete feet obsession that you and I feel.

You have probably already discovered the simple but passionate lust for female feet and I can only say embrace it with all you got. There are tons of women who love to get their female feet massaged, sucked and licked since it can be such a truly ecstatic and erotic experience.

How I discovered my female feet fetish? One afternoon I surfed around on the net for something different and that’s when I found it: Goddess Footjobs. You’ll immediately be aroused by the petite, peticured female toes slowly stroking stiff cocks – I was captured right there! Click here to check out Goddess Footjobs website.

Navigate this female foot fetish site through the menu to the left to learn more about the feet fetish – enjoy!


Here’s a couple of fun and interesting facts I’ve digged out about the foot fetish – check them out: A recent survey with female participants in the age range 20-40 years old revealed that 50% of them would love their feet licked and caressed as a part of foreplay – get going all the way down guys!

Director Quentin Tarantino of Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill fame has a sweet foot fetish which you can clearly see in his movies with close-up shoots of female actors’ feet and the foot massage talk in Pulp Fiction. We’re freaky like the famous people dude :P!

Since it’s release the foot fetish site Goddess Footjobs has received an amazing amount of praising from it’s members – here’s what a guy I know said to me after I recommended him to join it:

“I never did know that foot sex could be such a turn-on until I joined Foot Job Frenzy. The movies and photos in the members area has got me captured – I lose track of space and time when I watch these sensual flicks of lesbos stuffing their tight twats with toes or chicks sincerely stroking their boyfriend’s cock with their perfect peticured feet. I highly recommend this site!”

Access Godess Footjobs from HERE

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