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Hi Guys (maybe some girl) , In the wonderful world of feet, there are lot of variety ways to enjoy this little great pleasure. Indeed, some people prefer them very clean, freshly showered and no odor.

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Others, (include myself), like cheese with that whiff typical after hardwork day or later walking for long time …  I love just that smell of sweat mixed little dirt and wet from shoes … It’s a wonderful taste for the senses , especially for those who enjoy with it.

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There are even feet lovers who want to take this to the extreme , and likes very much to smell and lick dirty black soles walkin’ barefeet all day with lots of sand and crap for cleaning up with their tongues.

  super_dirty_and_smelly_socks_by_whitecloth-d4b0aef 3658618115_ae9d792090

Also the ways in which one can taste them; Someones are sufficient to observe, watch, admire… Others want to look, touch, massage… Many of us are crazy for lick them… feel that incredible flavor that leaves us entranced. Used to adult games, to foreplay with food, to dominate or be dominated, stockings, socks…

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There are hundred of ways to enjoy the foot fetish, ¿which’s your favourite?
Greetings Friends
The Feet Hunter