There is nothing better than savoring feet of different nationalities, each one more exquisite than the other. White feet, which usually have nordic girls, are so beautiful … That soft texture, and the white color contrast with the painted nails is so great, definitely one of my favourites.
white4 white3
white1 white2
However, ebony goddesses feet have nothing to envy whether painted or natural, gives me a terrible morbid thinking just sniff and lick each of their toes.
ebony4 ebony3
ebony2 ebony1
Asian’s feet have millions of fans and possibly they are considered the best in the world. Maybe for their texture, size, color or smell but the truth is that Asian’s feet causes many fantasies and wet dreams to a lot of men.
asian1 asian2
asian3 asian4

Personally, I’m passionate about Latin-Hispanic feet and soles. The girls usually take them manicured and show fetishistic tendencies.

They like exhibit feet, and love that you take care for them… and have no qualms about letting you massage and lick them. Delicious.

latina2 latina1
latina4 latina3

There are also a lot of passion for the Arab and Indian feet and can include cute shoes wear on their incredible feet. Tan sun feet, beautiful long toes, perfect nails and that smell so characteristic makes these feet a delicacy for gourmets.

indian2 indian3
indian4 indian1

¿Which are the best for you?

Bye bros, see you

The Feet Hunter

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