We've talked about foot fetish and odors. Also we made a survey, and most part of thefeethunter’s visitors showed their predilection for the smelly feet.

flats-7 flats-8

I have had very satisfying experiences with girls who had the right smell (not too strong or too low) at the right time (after gym or a after a long hard work day). Experiences in specific moments that were highly rewarding.

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pantys-4 pantys-1
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Also I enjoy so much sniffing well used socks, tights and shoes; savoring different impregnated scents and flavors from my friends and girlfriend's feet. But it’s not always easy because not all girls are disposed to share these fetish games. So I must to buy some worn items on Internet, from girls who are accustomed to make it.

socks-3 socks-4
pantys-3 pantys-2

I like all kind of them; used socks, smelly tights, sweaty shoes… I usually buy flats, my favorite female footwear type (these shoes make a good impregnated smell for a long time)

flats-1 flats-2
flipflops3 flipflops4
flats-5 flats-6

My favorite place for buy well worn ítems obviously is eBay, for many reasons:

  • The confidence of a very contrasted and professional site
  • The incredible variety of new products you can find every day
  • Because, in case of problems, eBay always responds (at least in my personal experience)


Here you have some photos of typical items that I normally buy from confidence sellers. All your requests can be customized if you have any special wish or fantasy. You can ask and talk with sellers before buying.

flats-4 flats-3
socks-1 socks-2


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