The Feet Hunter is more than a simple foot fetish website. This is a thorough guide about the foot fetishists culture, a subjective view of this theme that is not exclusively focused on the sexual side. The Feet Hunter goes beyond to explore all the intricacies of this practice that is becoming more and more extended every day.

In this space you will find the best foot fetish sites, mainly clipstores, personal blogs and videostreaming sites about female feet. Also you can get some info about the Foot Fetish in Live, I mean, private sessions, fetish clubs and foot parties that are organiced around the world. Maybe you’re here to watch some amateur women’s feet? Check out the feet pictures’ section, you’ll find some interesting stuff on my IG’s profile.

If you love reading and enjoy the stories, there is a great site with hundreds of stories, anecdotes and experiences about foot fetish on this awesome forum. In the wonderful world of the foot fetish, the foot modeling is the best part, actually this marvellous practice wouldn’t exist without foot models; they are the heart of the Kingdom. Check out The Feet Hunter’s Models list to enjoy, support and spoil all those sexy barefoot ladies. If you prefer some live action, try our foot fetish webcams, with tons of beauties that are willing to show their feet and talk about foot fetish in a very kinky way. Are you ready for it?