Youtube is a place where the word “foot fetish” is absolutely forbidden. Try to upload a video with a feet scene, and this will be deleted in a few minutes. No perversions allowed there. But, all kinds of foot fetish are a perversion? What’s the difference between an innocent feet show and… a hot feet tease? What’s the halfway point between the kinky and the traditional?

But even with the Youtube guidelines some channels are totally focused to the foot fetish theme. “aaabragg” is one of them; a chubby ebony woman who loves to show her feet and soles in front of the camera. She has really nice feet and a lot of followers (23K).

The most popular YT channel with foot fetish content certainly is “The BadAss Becky Show” created by Rebbeca Berardi, a lovely foot model who likes to share her feet with the invaluable assistance of her friends. The channel was created more than 5 years ago and currently remains active with 16 thousand suscribers.

My favorite foot fetish channel in Youtube is known as “Upcycle Shoes”, an amazing space full of amateur girls showing their feet in a natural way. In addition, you can buy all these smelly footwear, socks or stockings used by them. How it’s posible Youtube allows this kind of content? I don’t know but, I must say thanks for it.

But let’s talk about female Youtubers, girls who have nothing to do with the foot fetish world, actually I’m pretty sure that some of them don’t even know the meaning of the word “foot fetish”. So when they show her feet in front of camera, they do it in an unconscious way. Those cute girls could never imagine how arousing can be that for a foot fetishist.

When hear about this, they react in a variety of ways. Most of them are pretty good about it, even making jokes without any problem. Other ladies, are shocked and horrified to know that their feet are posted in the Net. You can see many videos with the tittle “Reacting to pictures of my feet online” and the like.

I think they should be proud, and above all don’t be ashamed for it. Challenges, nails extensions, skin-care, pedicures or simply barefoot view; anything goes to enjoy all these gorgeous feet, toes and soles. I made a compilation of 20 beautiful girls from Youtube (of different ages and nacionalities) showing her awesome feet in their channels. Some of them are well-known youtubers and others less so.

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