There’s an event called Spanish Foot Fetish, a very special foot fetish party in my country, Spain. Some people think should to be a kind of theoretical conference, even those who think it’s a simple sex orgy with some foot fetish. Well, neither one thing nor the other.

Already exist amazing BDSM parties in this country, swingers parties and other types of meetings with sexual connotations. But since always many foot fetishist have been divided into two groups; the fortunates that have found a couple who enjoy their fetish and those who have only been able to experience it by watching photos, videos or visiting a professional.

In some countries as Brazil, USA or England (I’ve talked about it), there’re a lot of private clubs that celebrate famous Foot Fetish parties. But these clubs, of course, are not for free, and usually, are organized with hired models. The ‘Spanish Foot Fetish’ tries to normalize foot fetishism. It’s a celebration with non-commercial objective, nobody comes charging, where both men and women come to enjoy and have a good time, each in their own way. Actually, these kinds of clubs are a few in all the world, because it’s a hobby that almost everyone lives in solitude or in the anonymity of social networks.

I’ll try to explain it so that you have an idea of how the party unfolds. Imagine the stage: May 30, a village with swimming pool on a place called ‘Costa del Sol’ and a party that starts at 11 am. At first, we will see some beautiful girls sunbathing while some lucky fetishists work, with great delicacy, affection, and respect in giving them a good foot massage for their total relaxation. Even you can see one girl with 4-foot lovers around her, one for each foot and hand, but of course, each girl is in her right to choose with who and when she shares the experience. Just a simple “no, thank you” for male assistants to respect their decision. It’s about that everyone enjoys and no one feels minimally overwhelmed.

Some people have asked me about last edition party’s photos. That’s not possible because photos are not allowed in the common play area. Phones or similar devices are completely prohibited. Privacy must be respected to the utmost.

Special mention to the delicious ceremony knowed as “undertable”, a great success of the last edition. After an appealing barbecue, some people like to lie down on the floor, like human-carpets, to rest ladies’ feet on their bodies or faces. Even you can find people with changing roles; women who love male feet are also welcome.

To all this are added various cultural practices such as talks about fetishism, murals paints with women’s feet and some erotic toys demonstrations by a sexshop. In the ‘Spanish Foot Fetish,’ you’ll see the biggest multitrampling session never seen. Allways trying to beat the record of the greatest human carpet. Trampling games, adoration, doing pedicures, giving massages and of course, interesting and most beautiful conversations about foot fetish theme.

After dinner, when all the attendees know each other well, the atmosphere becomes especially relaxed and everyone enjoys in large groups, reduced or couples according to their desire, as in any kind of party between good friends.

So what happens in an amateur foot fetish party? What everyone wants to happen. Some things are guaranteed: good atmosphere, respect, open-mindedness, fellowship and a wonderful meeting with people who share this exciting fetish.

Bye friends,


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