Extra !, Extra !! We have found the BigFoot! The incredible creature doesn’t lives in the forests where for years it has been sought; we can find them on magazines, in the most posh parties of the celebrities and even in the White House! Attention to all these famous women who has an enormous pair of feet.

The list starts with Elle MacPherson. A model with legs as long as she cann’t go around with wrist shoes. According to the magazine Elle, the Australian, whose legs measure 49 inch, fits no less than 12. A considerable length although it must also be said that they have nice and well-kept.

elle-macpherson-1 elle-macpherson-2
elle-macpherson-3 elle-macpherson-4

Another of the most famous big feet women in the Divinity scene is the omnipresent Paris Hilton. Pepino Marino and Crawford’s friend has a foot length directly proportional to his inheritance. The blonde has confessed that she has a 12 size feet; an equivalent to 43 or 44 European size. What pair of enourmous feet! Will the heels be bought at a shoe dealer for dragqueens and transvestites?

paris-hilton-1 paris-hilton-2
paris-hilton-3 paris-hilton-4


Supermodel Tyra Banks is not far behind in the ranking and she has a similar feet size than the multimillionaire blonde . As you can see, it has quite large feet (size 12) with extra long toes at the same time as they are soft and very well formed. In addition, she knows how to combine shoes with style on her enormous feet.

tyra-banks-1 tyra-banks-2

Meg Ryan, Kate Winslet and Uma Thurman make a trio of dangerous blondes because if they kick your ass, you can fall down on the floor and cause a head injury with irreversible consequences. All three are women in big feet: their size is 12.

meg-uma-kate-1 meg-uma-kate-2
meg-uma-kate-3 meg-uma-kate-4

The White House has also housed great women with great big feet. Jacqueline Kennedy, for example, used to wear a number 11 size. Michelle Obama, the last tenant of the white house, buys the shoes with number 10; a feet size according a woman with her category.

michelle-obama-kennedy-4 michelle-obama-kennedy-3
michelle-obama-kennedy-1 michelle-obama-kennedy-2


The tour of the Lady Feet has two standards of elegance of all time: Audrey Hepburn and Cindy Crawford. The “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” star used 12 feet size. Something smaller feet than the 90’s supermodel, who wears a 11.5 shoe size.

audrey-cindy-1 audrey-cindy-2
audrey-cindy-3 audrey-cindy-4

Between shoes size 11 and 11.5 exists a lot of amazing actresses as Charlize Theron, Liv Tyler, Jessica Biel or Claire Danes.

theron-tyler-biel-danes-1 theron-tyler-biel-danes-2
theron-tyler-biel-danes-3 theron-tyler-biel-danes-4


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