The foot fetish is everywhere; on the TV, radio, music… even in the videogames. Yes, in a weird way, we can find many foot fetish references on the videogames industry.

Some people sent me an email asking if I know foot fetish scenes on videogames, or if I could post something about it. Oh no, my God, this is too much freak even for me. But, in some way there may be a link between these two worlds, that apparently look so different, however they are not much so.

We have several examples: simple online games based on foot fetish subject, pictures of popular female characters in videogames posing barefoot and even currently there’s  a budding trend of gamers girls who like to show her feet during their live streamings. I want to write about all that on this post.

Female streamers playing barefoot

There’s nothing better than watching a nice barefoot girl playing videogames. Or even better, worshipping her soles while she’s playing her favorite game. Is this enough arousing for you? Searching on the Net I’ve found some pretty female gamers that love to show thier feet and soles during live games.

It’s a new Internet trend and seems like this practice is increasing every day, gaining prominence around the world. Every day there are more sexy girls teasing their soles while playing on the computer, Xbox or PlayStation. Barefoot gamer girls on live streamings and letting us to enjoy their perfect gorgeous feet.

I let you here some examples of them:


Basically what Upcycleshoes is doing is exposing shoes and feet of exquisite models and selling their used ítems to shoes fetishists. This is not a porn Company, it’s a serious firm, although the marketing strategy is so hot and kinky. For a small fee, you can buy the smelly shoes of these Goddesses to enjoy their perfect cheesy scent.

Some models, like Brittney, are especially sexy since she likes to show her big slender soles while playing Fortnite. So lovely, don’t you think?


PixieNixx is a redhead gamer extremely sexy, with a very arousing erotic style. A real beauty, with body full of tatoos and piercings, dyed brigt colors hair… a breathtaking woman. She’s not focused on the foot fetish, working a spirit more artistic-sensual-erotic than pornographic.  She also enjoys the cosplays, it’s a pleasure to watch her dressed up as Jessica Rabbit or Lady Dimitrescu, one of the villains of the recent Resident Evil Village.

She’s very active on social networks like Twitter, although she also posted some hot videos on her Youtube channel, you can visit it from HERE.


ClaraBabyLegs is a very sexy gamer, vlogger and youtuber, currently inactive. Specialitzed in games like Harry Potter and Minecraft. She was very popular at that time, because of her beauty and funny personality.

She had lot of followers, some of them asked her to show her feet on live events, and she didn’t hesitate of do it. And nobody was disappointed, since her feet are absolutely gorgeous. Look at them and enjoy:

And here you have some random videos of gamer girls showing their feet:

Popular female characters on video games

Female characters has been so much important in the videogames history. With the raise of the feminism has become even more pronounced in recent years, reaching the level of heroines, goddesses, women that become sex-symbols for lot of us; very sexy iconic characters for the videogames fans. Something similar happens with the female characters on cartoons; those who love mangas and animes, probably also will appreciate to watch barefoot those Top women of the videogames’ world:

Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

Chun-Li, Street Fighter

Ada Wong, Resident Evil

Zelda, The Legend of Zelda

Ellie, The Last of Us 2

Aloy, Horizon: Zero Dawn

Elena Fisher, Uncharted

Samus Aran, Metroid

Ciri, The Witcher 3

Chloe Price, Life is Strange

Online games with a foot fetish theme

There was a time when the online sex games were ver successful. At the time grew up those kind of websites, that had hundreds or maybe thousands porn games splited into several categories, but ony a few dedicated to foot fetish.

Currently, with the rise of the mobile apps, the number of online sex pages has decreased a lot, but nowadays some of them still remain active. After a thorough search, I’ve found some foot fetish games, of course, with a high degree of sexual content, especially footjobs and domination.

Foot Fetish online games, completely free, altough quite simple, short durant and, in some cases, poor quality. But anyways, it’s better than nothing. These games have a vintage style, typical on the 90s. If your are curious about it, I let you some links of the games down there:


If you are really interested in online foot fetish games, there’s a high quality game known as FeetStimulation but of course you must pay a small fee. Access from HERE.


The Feet Hunter

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