This post is about people confessing their thoughts, feelings, and opinions about the foot fetish. You will see interviews, stories and experiencies from both sides; of real foot fetishists and women that have had meetings with foot lovers. Ready for the action? So let’s go!


Recently I met a 60 years old man, named Carl, who was willing to share his fascination for female feet. I asked him some questions and this is what he answered me:

Since when you have a foot fetish?

The foot fetish started when I was already a mature man. I don’t recall have been attracted by feet until the age of 40. 

Also you like shoes or you prefer nude feet?

The shoes are just a way to cover our feet. I like nude feet but also well embellished. I must say that I love flats or ballerinas, or any kind of footwear that allow us to see part of the toes.

Flats look very sexy for many foot lovers

So, is the Summer the best time to enjoy your fetish with all that feet walking down the street?

Well, not quite. Feet usually get damaged on summer, with hard skin on heels, thing that I personally hate. For me are most desirables on spring, are much more tasty and desirables after several months covered with socks and boots. 

Do you have other fetishes?

Yes, but the fetish for feet is my favorite of all. Sometimes I think those other fetishes are only an alternative way to enjoy even more the attraction for the female feet.

Did your past relationships understood your fetish?

I think all the women understand this fetish, usually the problem are the tickles; there’s no way to enjoy it if they have too much ticklish feet.

How do you enjoy your foot fetish?

To put it bluntly: in the same way that you discover the kisses as a teenager. Playing, experimenting, exploring all the ways that this practice offers you. For me, a new foot is a whole new world. If I can’t touching feet to satisfy myself, I go with hookers, even sometimes I have a walk around, looking for open shoe stores.

There are infiltrated voyeurs in the shoe stores

Why you like so much the women’s feet?

Why? Because you can touch, lick, bite, smell and tickle them… I think it’s about the human nature.

What kind of foot do you like?

Egyptian foot is my favorite type. I love other features too: feminine, soft, pale, shapely and not too much high arch… I don’t care if the feet it’s clean or dirty, I like both.


Let’s interview a real feet lover to discover his own experience and thoughts about it.

When and how you were aware of your taste for feet?

I can’t really say, probably when I was a child, maybe with 6 o 7 years old, when I started to feel attracted by the beauty of the women. More specifically, when my brother, who also is a feet lover, told me for first time about the beauty of feet, since then, I began to realize that I also like female feet.

Do you consider yourself a real foot fetishist?

I don’t like the word “fetishist”  because when you say someone that you are attracted by feet, they often say: “So, you have a foot fetish?”, usually in a derogatory way. I consider myself a person who likes feet. I’m very attracted by the shape, when are well-cared, the soft-skin… For me, a woman who takes care of her feet is very desirable, since feet are usually ignored by women.

Foot fetishists are delighted by a well-cared feet with polish pedicured toenails

How do you feel about your passion for feet?

Unfortunately, I keep it in secret because of our intolerant socitey; when something it’s not common, usually it’s rejected. This happens everyday and everywhere, when you share this taste with women, some of them treat you like a weirdo or even like a pervert.

Has the foot fetish an impact on your sexuality or relationships?

Doesn’t affect me at all. The fact that I’m attracted for feet, doesn’t means that my sexual intercourses are based on feet. I enjoy the feet and I try that my partner enjoy it too, it would be insane and dangerous if I’d focus myself exclusively on women’s feet.

What do you like to say about this subject to the people who don’t understand this taste?

I just want to be understood. There are many foot fetishists, more than it appears; Internet is full of foot lovers. Foot fetishism is nothing insane or perverted, and feet are not an ugly or dirty thing. There are pretty and awful feet, like happens with face or hands. Obviously everyone is different and we have tastes for everything. All the women should undertsand the foot fetish, since the foot rubbings are one of the most enjoyable feelings of the world. Feet also could be a very erotic element in our relationships.

A well done foot massage, could be one of the most pleasant thing in the world


About the fetishism there is still much ignorance, even more in the case of the foot or tickling fetish. So I met a cartoons fetish artist, and he has kinldy offered to answer some questions.

There’s a special feature on foot fetishists? Have they got something special or not?

People who are attracted by feet are exactly like any other person. Unlike other tastes or sexual preferences, it’s hard to say who has a foot fetish and who hasn’t. It’s imposible to guess who is a foot lover in the steet.

How did you realize about your sexual preferences?

In my case, since I was very Young I was fascinated in the way how cartoons show the tickling torture as a funny thing.  Since then I pay much attention on these kind of scenes; when the female characters of the cartoons showed their feet, and in my head I imagined how they were submitted to the tickling torture. I enjoyed that thoughts in all kind of cartoons, comics, mangas, animes… In that time I saw it like something innocent. When the adolescence comes, those fantasies started to turn me on, I was unclear about the issue, but when Internet appears I finally undertood it, since I discovered that thousands of men has the same taste than me.

Tickling games are considered as something innocent on cartoons

How do you felt at first? And now? What had changed?

Quite confused. I never forgot how I was hoping to stay alone to be able to explore in the wonderful world of the female feet and tickling. Even today I keep a great collection of old foot fetish DVD’s. All my friends were always talking about boobs and asses, so I didn’t dare to share my tastes with them, for fear of social rejection.

It never went through my mind reveal my secret, and this caused me a certain disquiet. Even I wasn’t dare to interact with people who shared my taste in the Internet. Fortunately, I always liked to draw and at the age of 18, I made foot fetish draw and I posted it. That’s when another cartoon’s artist contacted me, and said that I had potential. Since then I decided to make drawings and write storys about this topic. From that time onward I met many nice people, online and in person, I have opened my self and I have learned to accept that I am okay as I am. Everybody, even my friends and family know that I’m a fetish artist, and they never stopped loving or respecting me.

What do you think that the society need to know abut this topic?

I don’t think the society need to know nothing special, if there’s someone interested on the subject, will find the answer everywhere. The fetishists are normal people, as long as don’t hurt anyone, everyone is free to do whatever wants without being judged.

What you would recommend to someone who is annoying and uncomfortable by its condition?

I really think that a fetish is got it from birth, is not a developed thing. So it’s better cut this nonsense, stop fooling around and accepting yourself as you are. It’s natural to feel worried about the people’s opinion, but you shouldn’t let it bother you. If your family or friends are outraged of this, well, this is their problem, not yours.

Why you decided to be an artist of the fetishism?

For me this is a hobby, a way to let my fantasies fly out the head and share them with people who really appreciate it. When I think in a popular anime’s female character, I usually draw her barefoot. But obviously there are lot of others fetish artists, better than me, with whom I had the pleasure to deal with them. In short, it’s a hobby that I love and, in addition, gives me some extra cash, I mean, what more could anyone ask for?

Tickling games are considered as something innocent on cartoons

Do you have any last words?

Well, I just want to thank everyone those who had taken the time to read this post. It’s not always easy to share the pleasure for this special taste.



I met a very interesting guy through a dating app. He was a lawyer, an avid reader, used to listen to classical music and the Saturday nights preferred to enjoy a good movie instead of partying. He was perfect for me, since we had many things in common. We were talking through WhatsApp for several weeks and when finally we talked about plans to meet us in person he told me that had something to confess to me. I assumed the worst… Married? children? is not the man he claims to be?

 “I’m fetishisht of feet and shoes” –told me. And I got cold, without knowing know how to interpret that. “What this exactly means?” –I asked him. “Well, I like very much women’s feet and during sex I can’t get aroused if I don’t lick feet

Okay. There’s no problem –I thought. I already had relationships with guys who have played with my feet, There’s nothing wrong. Something that I can accept. The day of the dating I went to the beauty salón to get a pedicure. I’m not really sure why I did it, I guess that I liked that guy and I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect. So my feet looked great, soft, without corns and pink toenails.

It was summer so I choose the most sexy sandals that I had. White color, with middle heel and strappies that only allow part of the toes, I didn’t want to show all them at first, in order to keep the mistery.  I was more worried about the footwear than the clothes or hairstyle.

We met at the downtown for beer in the afternoon. I liked him at first sight. He was more beautiful that even in the pictures. Was a perfect date, seemed like we’ve known each other forever, everything was very natural and he didn’t looked my feet at any time.

A sexy footsie play under the table could be very arousing

After several beers we started to get sweet. Caresses under the table, some kisses on the neck and cheek, desire looks… And then he approached to my ear and whispered:

I have been thinking all afternoon in your feet” -and those words turned me on very much.

We ended up in his house. We began kissing… rather passionately, like two kids in high school. He take off all my clothes except shoes. And then happened: he started to watch my feet with desire. He grabbed my right feet and started to lick the heel of the shoe, after this, he amused with the sandals’ strappies and finally sucking my big toe while he was moaning like if he was having sex. Very slowly he took off my shoe and when he saw my foot sighed and began to stick his tongue between my toes.

I already have had experiences with men licking my feet, but never something like that. First I was disgusted when he licked my shoe after walking by the dirty floor of the city, I was frankly embarrassed for watching him, aroused, lying and worshipping my feet… But at the same time, I felt powerful, I had a man at my feet, like a dog licking my soles.

Some guys are too much passionate when they are wroshipping feet

I was disappointed because I really liked very much that guy, he was perfect for a committed relationship, but having a boyfriend who looks my feet with pervert’s face it’s not my plan. But one thing is sure: it was one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.


Hello, I’m here again, today I want to talk about a foot fetish experience that I had. I already knew about the subject, thanks to Youtube and some of my sexologists mates. But I never had lived it in person. But first one question: what’s for you the foot fetish? Since everyone that has a sexual preference, those who are called ‘fetishitsts’, usually are seen as weirdos or people with sexual disorders. I asked a friend, coworker and psycologist:

What’s the foot fetish?

The word ‘fetish’ comes from the Latin ‘facticius’ (artifical, invented) and would have evolved to Portuguese, ‘feiçito’, which means ‘sorcery’, so you can consider the fetishism as a belief or religión in which “is considered that certain objects have magic or supernatural powers and also protect the carrier of that object”. For this reason, the amulets are considered fetish objects too.

How we connect it with sex?

On sexual issues, the fetishism is the sexual arousing or having an orgasm through a specific object, substance, part of the body or a particular situation. The sexual fetishism is considere dan innocent practice, unless this can cause damages. There are several behaviours, objects, situations and part of the body that we love, raise us up the spirit, arousing us… we are passionate about lot of things. Like in the show “Sex and the City”, one of the main characters, Carrie, was crazy for shoes, that was her fetish!

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) has passion for shoes in the sitcom Sex and the City

My experience with fetishists

The first thing, I started accepting that I’m fetishist too, of the men’s hands. But today I want to tell you my experince with foot fetishists. Mi adventure started when  I was invited to a foot fetish event, so I went there, with curiosity and butterflies in my stomach.

Everyone was already playing their role, they were real foot fetish lovers and knew each other… At first, I looked that as something weird, men worshipping women’s feet, some rubbing and kissing feet while girls were chating, unless they were trampling, of course.

After first impression, workshops began, exhibitions and step by step with the collaboration of great professionals, I discover the foot fetish world, as big and nice as complex. Nylon, shoes, feet…

I allowed my feet to their hands and mouths and, after first shock, I must say that it’s highly enjoyable, pleasant, curious and funny. In the sexual issue, this is a very kinky game for people with this special taste, you know: “Giving pleasure, brings the pleasure”.

Foot parties are amazing experiences for many foot fetishists

After this I always highly recommend the Foot Fetish to the girls in all the meetings, workshops and events that I organize, even I was surprised when some of them told me that already knew about this fetish. Kisses to all.


I am like the cats, extremely curious, I know someday I will lose one of my 7 lives because, as we say in my land, the curiosity killed the cat.

Maybe I’m a little particular, and for this reason I ended up talking (through Instagram) with a follower that wanted my shoes, and as a joke, I answered that I could lend them to him. Then they guy speaked me inbox, asking for the footwear I knew that I must stop the joke. Once I said him that it was just a joke, he let me know that was a collector of women worn shoes. And also of the used socks.

Socks fetish is a common taste among feet lovers, specially when are dirty and smelly

My mind just started spinning and I was very curious about it. My closest experience to the podophilia, or foot fetish, was with an exboyfriend who enjoyed a lot kissing my feet, but my feet are very ticklish and it was hard to me hold on when his tongue stroked on my delicate soles.

I asked to the fetishist follower how Works the subject of the used socks, if he liked a slightly smell or a strong smell, clean or dirty and stinky, full of sweat after sport. He answered me that he didn’t like strong cheesy odor, for him was better a bit of natural scent: “It depends on how they smell. I like when smell like feet but no too much stinky, you know. Would you give me a pair?

Right away I let him know that this thing he was asking for was very weird, I don’t go around giving my socks to strangers. When I asked him if he was kidding me, the man insisted that he was totally serious about it and even could pay me if I sent him my socks.

A pair of smelly sweaty socks are highly valued in the foot fetish market

This aroused my curiosity again. “You usually pay to women for their used socks? And you pay for individual sock or by the pair?” He answered that sometimes he had purchased socks and usually the pair, something that makes sense, I guess. “$10 for the pair” -told me really interested. Well, at least with $10 you can buy new socks, have a drink with a friend and tell her the experience.

I consider myself as open-mind so I didn’t judge him at any time. Everyone is free to enjoy their sexuality, as long as don’t hurt anyone else (unless those who enjoy the sadomasochism, of course). But I never really thought of send him something such personal like my socks with my smell, although was the smell of my feet, since I prefer to share sexual games only with my partner. 

The last thing I asked to the fetishist was his opinion about Chiara Ferragni’s feet, since more than one time the popular blogger girl has been bullied in the Social Media for her feet. “She has wonderful feet!” -answered me between emojis. Chiara, keep calm. The foot fetish experts think that you have attractive feet.

Has Chiara Ferragni sexy feet or not?

By the way, if you want to read more stories and experiences about the foot fetish, you can read the post ‘Foot models and customers experiences” that I posted some time ago.


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