Currently, if we want to watch some foot fetish videos we must access to the huge videostreaming platforms for adults like Pornhub, Xhamster, Xvideos… But there’s life beyond those popular places, websites focused in the foot fetish with massive and very kinky content.


Erotipodia is one of them. A site with a very particular style, simple and based, mainly, in the 3D temple art and all kind of foot fetish videos created with a computer. Another of the Erotipodia’ speciality is Trampling, as many as female as male, making a reference in the domination & submission world, but it can also find other topics like voyeuring or foot modeling.


Here’s a classic, FeetRecords, a high quality foot fetish video store, a site created with all the pampering, dedication and love. It has many sections; “Inside”, with lot of interesting and well-developed posts like “How to make money selling feet pics”, exclusive foot models, awesome pictures and videos to buy and a free stuff section so you can enjoy the best foot fetish completely free.


Nowadays lot of Social Network’s profiles may be considered like website, like happens with FeetArtParadise, a wonderful place where usually are published pictures of amateur young girls showing their feet, with a nice personal message printed on their sexy and delicated soles. The profile has been around for 2 years and you can find it on Twitter and also on Instagram. In your own time take a look to FeetArtParadise, you will only find amazing perfect Goddesses with gorgeous feet.


Lets just go back in time and let us travel to 1999. Do you remember? It was the beginning of the Internet, there were no Social Networks and the websites had a very archaic design. Some of these websites currently remain active, and look like a vintage memory. GreatFeet is one of them, a place that has stood the test of time and even today still providing exlusive top-level foot fetish content. Mainly pictures of amateur women teasing her stunning feet, mixed with full-frontal nudity, footjobs, trampling and much more. A huge endless list of pictures, videos and stories that, month-to-month, has been updating content since more than 20 years ago, which means that have been doing things really right.


I’m pretty sure you know Xhamster, one of the biggest porn websites, where thousands of people around the world record and share their own private sex videos with the rest of the community. FootFetishFocus is the foot fetish brother of Xhamster, an imitation that has used the skin of the popular porn site and it has the same appearance and the same distribution but the content is completely focused on the foot fetish theme and all its variations.


When we talk about fetish, we talk about a wide range of a very recurring topics on the Net; Scat, dildos, pregnant, rubber, smoking… al those are fetishes, special tastes or practices with thousands of followers around the world. The site FetishPlanet is a very successful forum which deals with all these themes and, since it’s never been any other way, the foot fetish is one of the most popular sections, as you already know, love for feet is one the most common fetishes that exist.


This is not exactly a foot models website; it’s rather a site that compiles porn actresses images simply barefoot or making foot fetish scenes. FootFetishModels is the best place to watch the sexy feet (some of them absolutely gorgeous) of the most popular pornstars in the world, in perfect alphabetical order. Actresses of the like of Mia Khalifa, Asa Akira, Kimmy Granger, Stormy Daniels, Brandi Love or Nicole Aniston, barefoot or playing with her tender feet… Due to the massive success of this practice and the large number of followers ensures a good business, also in the world of traditional porn.


Italy is a country full of wonderful things. The pasta, the pizzas, the paradisiac islands and the dreamed lands like La Toscana but the best of all are their women. Italian women are beauties, outgoing and extremely kinky. Just like in other countries like France or Japan, Italian people has a really passion for female feet, the foot fetish (known as feticismo del piede) is very popular in that region of the Southern Europa, so it’s easy to find some Italian websites 100% focused on the foot fetishishm. DafnetFetish is one of my favorites, it has a large catalog of barefoot princesses to enjoy the most pure foot fetish and kinky of the old world.


The Feet Hunter

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