A topic that often came up in the cinema’s industry, the foot fetish is an artistic resource very used in lot of movies because of its variety of choices: all kind of footwear, clean or dirty, body scent, tickling, massages, domination games… We’ve talked with some fetishists so that they can explain to us the passion for the human’s foot, how fun it is and the number of points of view that exist.

Louis has fifty-seven years-old and has been several years being a hopeless feet worshiper. He realized suddenly as he starts puberty: “I had between ten and twelve years-old when I noticed the maid, a young girl who used to clean the house with sexy dresses, was folding the laundry barefoot”.

“I was hypnotised by the image of her feet. I came closer with stealth, I kept looking at her feet and I touched one by curiosity. She didn’t think it was a big deal, but for me was a shock, and since then the feet was the most exciting body part for me.”

Barefoot maids are very sexy

The filmaker Quentin Tarantino, well-known fetishist, has illustrated the female feet’s beauty in many movies and has deeply philosophized about the magic of the situations that are created around it. Officially, are not considered as erotic body parts, so feet can be flashed and even touched or massaged without a sexual undercurrent.

“If you like feet you can be surprised at any time” say Louis, “because it’s a body part without a shame feeling. This is great but also you can be envolved in unforeseen situations and very puzzling of terrible arousing”.

A very arousing public foot worship scene on the beach

Patricia, a 28 years-old girl, is attracted to male and female feet and also loves to play with her own feet: “I like to lick feet and get my feet licked, playing with all the toes, give footjobs, receive a cum on my feet… It’s very funny because there are many ways to enjoy it. Also I love stockings and high heels. And socks, I had a partner who was in love with my (worn-stinky-smelly) socks, and I thought it was beautiful, tender and dirty at the same time”.

High heels are considered very attractive footwear, enjoy great popularity and are a personal obsession of Cesar:

“I like everything of the high heels, how stylizes the leg, how it looks the feet inside, even the sound that make by walking is fascinating… I like sandals too, but I prefer closed footwear so I can take shoes off to reveal the nude foot. Also I like the smell that remains on feet after walking a while, the feet are hot and sweaty and I love to smell them.”

Taking high heels off in the street

“And the same I feel with sneakers, I really have a thing for the scents and flavors after sport , but sometimes girls are embarrassed and don’t understand it, they find it hard to share this with someone else”.

However, Louis prefers flat shoe and clean foot: “I love flats and especially the flip flops, although in the summer may create embarrassing situations. I pay much attention to the trends, I remember the time when women didn’t wear flip flops, and it was almost a relief because you walked the street relaxed, without thinking on it”.

“With the street full of nude feet affects me a lot, of course, is unavoidable, but I try to don’t look much and mind my own business. Usually I pay attention if toenails are painted because are very visible, it’s a very cool effect, but honestly I prefer to lick natural feet, without pedicures, because eat the toenail polish can be nasty… so I like fresh & clean feet with unpainted toes”.

Streets are full of sandals and flip flops feet on Summer

Alexander is 34 years old, he’s married from more tan 10 years, interested on the submission games and openly declares that the favorite body part of his girlfriend are her feet:

 “With her I discover the fascination for feet. It’s a set of many things, the size, her particular & exquisite taste for shoes, the smell, look at her from the ground and getting trampled, especially if she has been walking barefoot and the feet are dirty. This makes me feel small and subjected a pleasure that every day I enjoy more and more. Also I love to watch domination videos with extremely filthy feet, after walking barefoot on the field, filled with mud… I’ve never tried this, but I’m dying to”.

Many foot lovers are crazy for dirty soles

Feet are very important in the role-playing games with domination practices, like trampling, foot worship or even soft tickling tortures. Christine is 30 years-old and is a ballet dancer.

 “I always have enjoyed a lot my flexibility and the chances of my feet, I actually find it easy to lick own my toes or giving footjobs… I have a great time with this, I feel powerful. As a ballet dancer, my feet are a bit damaged but most of guys have found them beautiful, and Im agree with that. My instep is very arched and I love to play with them, tickling, massages, licks, everything. I laugh, I relax and it’s arousing at the same time. Very funny, there are many interesting ways.”


The Feet Hunter

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