Hi Foot Lovers, I met a foot Goddess on Facebook, called Georgiana Zaharia, and I asked her for some questions about our passion: The foot fetish. Here’s her wonderful answer, don’t miss any detail

Foot fetishism is one of the most popular fetishes nowadays and it has been discussed by famous doctors such as Freud or Pavlov. Now I’m not going to try to explain why some people do have this fetish but I’m going to tell my point of view related to it.

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For me foot fetishism is related to an inner sexual desire that you are born it and it’s discovered as you grow up, since sexuality is developed since childhood. Like sexuality, you don’t choose to be gay, lesian or heterosexual, it’s the same thing with foot fetishism, you don’t get to pick up if you’re attracted to feet or not, nor to wake up one day and suddently decide you want to have a foot fetish.


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I personally do have many slaves whom enjoy foot fetishism but not all foot fetishists are submissive. I do enjoy when someone worships my pretty feet, I love them worshipped, kissed, massaged and adored. How does it make me feel? It makes me feel powerful and I use their fetish in order to control them in whatever way I want.

I am a female supremacist with strong beliefs regarding female power and domination. For me it’s not about their pleasure, it’s all about what I get from the whole experience. Nothing makes me happier than knowing a male is so weak for my feet and I use that to enhace my power over them.

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I do not care about their sexual outcome of this, I enjoy having my feet worshipped only because it gives me what I want: power and control. But for the females who aren’t dominant nor so engaged into female supremacy, and happen to have a boyfriend/husband with a foot fetish, then it’s another story. If they accept their significant other’s fetish and enjoy it, the outcome of this wouldn’t be the female pleasure and power, it would be something like ”yes, you can kiss/lick/massage my feet because it feels nice” or something similiar, so foot fetishism can be viewed in various ways depending on your beliefs, personality and point of view.

Her facebook here

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