For millennia humanity has lived surrounded by natural textures and aromas, which has integrated in the course of their experience, forming this already an essential part of the genetic memory of each human being.

With the advent of industrialization and the abandonment and destruction of rural communities (18th-19th centuries), this intimate bond with the aromas and textures of nature disappeared for a large part of the European population.

Today the process of breaking with the natural is very evident throughout the industrialized world, and in the cities it is already very rare to perceive the aromas and textures of the natural, not only because they are flooded with an arid, cemented and crowded environment, chemical odors and synthetic textures, but also because of a growing sick obsession with absolute asepsis: everything has to be freshly washed. What is actually happening is that people replace their own body odor with synthetic detergent or deodorant tufts on shift, and it could not be otherwise with intense daily showers and washes of clothes still clean.

This recent unnatural phenomenon – ‘asepsismania’ by naming it – not only damages the health of the sufferer (the number of allergy sufferers is increasing and new syndromes such as chemical hypersensitivity appear), but also it deprives the human being of an exquisite, natural sensorial enjoyment that has accompanied the human experience since its inception.

The female feet are one of the most representative exponents of intense sensory enjoyment, and the most perfect and almost invincible redoubt of natural aromas and textures: girls will never cease to have feet, their feet will never cease to be soft and tender nor will they cease to give off a sweet and intoxicating aroma (the feet are the part of the human body that gives off more pheromone load).

However, there is a risk that the feet lovers are unfortunately exposed: the use of synthetic clothing among young women … If this happened we would lose one of the last opportunities we have left, in this world more and more synthetic and industrialized, to experience the sensory enjoyment of truly natural essences.

For all of this, we aim to stimulate and defend the use of garments made with noble natural fibers and artisan production, whether of cotton, wool, silk, linen, esparto or others, since it is these types of garments that, impregnated with the unique and specific aroma of each girl, will give us a more intense, exquisite and pleasant experience.

If, in addition to this, we get our girlfriend to be most of the time relaxed and content, we will get so delicious aromas of her tender feet that the doors of ecstasy will open wide before us.

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