We often hear about how the lines of the hand can describe us, and the tea-readers or the palm-readers are very popular everywhere. But, have you ever heard about a feet-reader?

Feet can tell us much more than we know about the character, state of mind and even the bill of health. Looking at the shape, size, toes position and even how’s the footprint, we can extract valuable information about the personality of the people through their feet.

Feet says a lot about you


At least that’s what Imre Somogyi claims, author of “Reading Toes: Your feet as reflections of your personality” (Ebury Digital), who has made an in-depth investigation about how the feet and the toes’ shape can tell us if someone is optimistic, outgoing, shy or rude and to know about hidden features about their personality just from one glance.

Reading toes…

The neurologist Jane Sheehan conducted a study that determined that the feet’ shape provides information about our personality. Like Imre Somogyi, she wrote a book about the subject Let’s Read Our Feet!: The Foot Reading Guide:

Learn the fascinating secrets that feet reveal about you, your partner, your family, the good looking guy on the next sun lounger, or just anybody who walks past you in bare feet! Your trips to the shoe shop or the swimming pool will never be the same again. Learn whether you are a princess or a carthorse. What do tilted toes say about you Why do you get recurrent athlete s foot Why would Cinderella s glass slipper never have fitted and what can that tell you about your relationship Read Let s read our feet! to find out the answers…

The Foot Reading Guide


There are four different types of feet that match with four different types of personality. Let’s see all them:

1. Greek Foot

Feet in which the second toe is longer than the big toe and stands out from the others, also known by ‘Morton’s Toe’. The Greek feet have a pointed shape, like a triangle. This means to have active and enthusiastic character, people who like be constantly doing stuff. They are athletes and skilled, also can easily motivate to those around them, so they can be good leaders and bosses as long as can control their effusiveness and impulses. With so much activity, sometimes leads them to suffer stress spikes which end up affecting everything that surrounds them.

2. Egyptian foot

Also known as “Sharp foot” or “Water foot”, has an elongated shape in which all toes are decreasing in size from the longer (big toe) to the shorter (little toe). The artists of the ancient Egypt considered that type of foot like an ideal of beauty, so this is how appear depicted in the Pharaohs’ paintings. People with the Egyptian foot are often dreamers, idealistics, a bit hotheads and with usual changing moods.

3. Polynesian foot

Also known by ‘Square foot’, those feet which all the toes have a similar length. This foot is less common and the sole is often wider and has a shorter size than other types. According to Imre Somogyi’s words, people with that kind of foot are not impulsives and they never force the issues. They are highly practical & decisives persons, consistent with their principles, convey safety and are legit.

4. Roman foot

This is the most common of all. Shapely toes, all them straight being the big, the second and the third toe larger than the others. People with that kind of foot usually are opened and extroverts. Also are often very charismatics,  becoming great public speakers or entrepreneurs. They are self-confident people, sometimes are too proud and this make them look a bit eccentrics.


According the holistic therapy, ensures that each toe of the foot symbolizes a different energy. For instance, big toe of the left foot represents the sadness, creativity, love, optimism and confidence. And the big toe of the right foot indicates the happiness, desire, aggressiveness, courage, devotion and insecurities. Let’s see some other curiosities according the foot’ shape that I’ve found in the Net:

Feet too much elongated: may related to a troubled person, driven purely by emotion, with tendency to rebel and impulsiveness, diverging from reality.

Those who can spread their toes (specially the little toe): they need to get away from routine, no get bored, always wishing for a big change on their lives.

If you can’t spread your toes: someone organized and methodical, with preference for the order and the stability.

Toes spreading art

People with too long big toe: maybe are quite chatty people and with delusions of grandeur. If the second toe is very separated, reflects a person who has difficulty to express feelings.

Corns or bunions: possibily it’s a person who has done something that make him feel  embarrassed.

Crooked toes: someone who doesn’t know to channel the energy, someone fake and manipulative.

Rounded tips of the toes: this is when the person has a weak character, fainthearted and easily manipulated. Theese people are afraid to express their own point.

The Youtuber YelahiaG has big wide feet with round toes, what means that?

Toes that seem raised: it’s said to be someone very dreamy, driving their troubles away not thinking about it, with a low social skill.

Too small feet: typical on relaxed people that like the pleasures of the good life.

Giant feet: it just means that they have entrepreneurial spirit and are likely to be independent.

Big feet or small feet: what do you prefer?

Do you feel identified with any of them?

See you soon

Feet Hunter

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