Appearance is one of the most important things on the fashion industry and that’s why supermodels feet are usually well-cared & pedicured. Fashion catwalks, small size high heels… Can’t be easy to keep feet in a perfect way under these circumstances.

Fashion models feet are usually big, typical on the tall women because height (and weight) is another one of the most important points on the modeling industry. They are beautiful, elegant and smart, despite their reputation of simple minded women. In addition of being real beauties, they are clever, creative and enterprising.

Heidi Klum’s big feet in the runway


Several examples can be found of very successful supermodels, starting with Twiggy or Jean Shrimpton, models that set the tendencies that characterized the 60s. In the 90s there was a great boom with the supermodels and many of them turned into worldwide sex symbols. Models like Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Kate Moss or Tyra Banks will remain forever in our memories.

Gorgeous Kate Moss barefoot in the pool


There are also professional foot models, girls that give their image, or rather, their feet’s image to many commercial brands. Foot modeling is mostly used in the advertisement of shoes, foot jewellery, socks, toenail polish, fungus treatments, foot-care products… nothing to do with the porn industry. Those women have extremely beautiful & well-cared feet, since they are specially selected for it.

Some professional foot models, in addition of being foot models, they also are hands models, like Amber E., of the renowned models’ agency Closeupmodelagency. On this agency we also can find other models with high level feet like Ashley Taddei, Cecilia Foss, or Michelle T., unknown but super-professional ladies performing the foot modeling.

Zara Miller & Beverley Brown are very popular foot models in the United Kingdom. The Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert also has tried the foot modeling; her gorgeous petite feet size 5.5 US (35.5 EU / 3 UK) are highly coveted in footwear industry. Ellen Sirot is another well-known foot (and hands) model.


That’s the million-dollar question. There are hundreds of beautiful supermodels with awesome bodies and almost all of them have gorgeous feet. When I watch a fashion show, my eyes are focused on the models feet, paying attention on the legs, the way they walk… Honestly I don’t care about the clothes style, with one exception: the shoes, since usually models wear opened high heels, sandals or similars.

So, who’s the supermodel with the cutest feet in the Fashion World? I selected the 20 Top Models with the prettiest feet. Would you like to meet them? Click HERE or the banner down to start: