A guy sent me an e-mail past week, a sort of real story of his expriences and thoughts about the foot fetish. Let’s call this guy Johhny. Johnny has some personal opinions about the foot fetish and I would like to analice them on this post.

1. Johnny is a feet lover, but his girlfriend doesn’t share this taste.

 I must say, as a foot fetishist that I am, is very hard to be comprehended in this respect. In my case, some girlfriends I had in the past were receptive to include their feet in our most intimate life, giving me permission to massage their feet, moving their toes to turn me on, buying sexy footwear and  letting me smell them for some minutes or even giving me pleasuring footjobs.

Almost all women enjoy the foot fetish practices

However, I must accept that inside myself still feeling a big gap since I know that all that girls have allowed me to play with their feet, only and exclusively to satisfy my desires, and not because they really needed to someone worshipping their feet.

There’s no doubt about it that including the foot fetish to the everyday life makes women to feel a certain pleasure with this practice. For these women, this can be compared with kisses on the neck, rubbing the belly, a hug or a caress to their legs. Of course this kind of contact, the foot fetish, may be bored for someone that doesn’t feel an extreme passion por it.

The ideal thing would be to find a real foot fetish girl, I mean, someone who feels this taste in the same way. But this is hard since there are many foot fetishists types, that I split in 3 groups and its derivatives:

A) Foot Fetish with a pornographic background (sex)

This category could be done in a porn movie and it developes like another sexual game. Lot of people thinks that this is the only way to enjoy the foot fetish.

  • Feet are kissed, licked and sucked
  • Foot massages are also very usual
  • Feet in contact with genitals, footjobs
  • Feet can be rubbed and licked during sex

The foot worship is simply a sexual foreplay. So in this case we don’t talk about real foot fetishists, but just about open-mind people that have a wide range of sexual preferences and for those which the foot fetish is just a sex supplement.

Feet are usually included on sex games

B) Foot fetish through sexual games (domination / bdsm)

Here we have a dominant part which demands foot worship to the submissive part. This practice is very common among people who love leather, latex and other fantasies which involves sexual items.

  • Cleaning leather boots and other kinds of footwear with the slave’s tongue
  • The slave takes off the footwear of the mistress/master
  • Stockings & tights are important part of the game and also can be licked by the worshipper
  • The masturbation with feet (footjob) is allowed, even with shoes on (shoejob)
  • Punishment using feet
  • Foot smelling
  • Giving massages and pedicures

Here the foot worship is essential for the dominant and the submissive part. But also there are many other practices related to the domination: peeing, strap-on, or even extreme practices like fisting. So, here we talk about a SM lover that also likes to introduce the foot fetish in his practices, not about an exclusive foot fetishist.

Foot Fetish through domination games

C) Foot Fetish from a pure mind plane (obsession)

Here the sex is less important and the feet passion remains over any other interest. This type doesn’t need explicit sex and neither domination practices.

  • Just watching footwear or nude feet
  • Delight for the scent of the shoes, socks or stockings, engaging with them through the sight, taste and smell
  • Take care of feet, but more like a personal pleasure than a domination game
  • Footjobs are also an important resource for this kind of fetishists

It’s very usual amoong those people which feels good in a passive role, like happens with voyeurs or self-pleasurers; actually, the penetration can be easily ignored. Just like an obsession, this kind of fetishists can be satisfied only watching feet and smelling shoes, sometimes with obsessive and undesirable behaviors. This point of view is a little selfish since usually the pleasure is searched through their own tastes, without interest on what want or need the other part.

Some foot fetishists are delighted for the nylon stockings smell

2. Johnny tells me about the time he spends in front the computer, watching and collecting feet pictures

My dear friend, I also also share this hobby, and this is definitely a very common activity among most part of foot fetishists and there’s nothing wrong with it. Actually, Internet could be a very pleasant hobby, just knowing that there are lot of people around the world which shares the same passion for feet, comforts you and helps you to accept yourself as you are.

I think it’s more beneficial spend 1 hour at day watching pictures on the computer (or in the cell) than go whoring, don’t you think? More beneficial and cheap, of course and there’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. The key here is to find a balance, it will start to be dangerous when we spend too many hours watching feet pictures on the Net and, because of it, neglect to our partner, to our family. It comes to preventing obsessive behaviors, just do it in a healthy and sensible way.

Watching feet pictures on the Internet is a very usual practice among fetishists

3. For Johnny, jerk off watching foot fetish in the Net could be more pleasant than traditional sex without including feet in the act

I’m completely disagree with this statement. Only people with a high obsession for feet could make that claim. Is not good and it’s unhealthy  put digital entertainment before fleshy pleasures. The unreal things could never be better than real things. And if this happens, my friends, we have a problem here.

This fact could be understandable if you don’t have anyone to share this taste, someone without partner, in this case, would be normal to spend many hours satisfying fantasies in front of cell or computer. 

Including feet in our sex relationships is good, healthy and very rewarding on a couple who is discovering new sex pleasures, but it’s not recommended to focus your entire attention on feet, it’s just another sex game. If the foot fetish turns in the only way to satisfaction, it can become a real problem to get a fully enjoyment with our partner in sexual matters.

There are several ways to satisfy our foot fetishism

4. Johnny’s girfriends thinks that he loves more her feet than herself

This happens when there’s not a consensus or understanding between the two parts. When one part is too much obsessive with this subject, and/or the other part doesn’t make an effort to understand the disposition and needs of a foot fetishist.

Just imagine that your partner gets horny only by kissing and stroking your back, masturbating only when you’re on your back and after this doesn’t want sex. How would you feel then? So now you can get an idea of how your partner feels when you get exclusively focused on feet.

The answer to this issue is always, communication between the couple, without communication, the problem never will be solved. If you talk about it, consensus could be reached. Narrow your passion for feet, let you partner know that you also like other parts of the body, and, above all, ask and research about her sexual tastes, for sures he has hiden fantasies that you could satisfy; finally, this is all about an equal give-and-take between partners.

My tip: enjoy the foot fetish in a healthy way, without obsessions

Final comment

In short, there are several types of foot worshippers, however, there’s no need to pigeonholed in a specific category, since lot of foot fetishists enjoy this practice in many ways, depending on time or situation.

In other words, the problem here lies not in the practice or the taste for the foot fetish, but rather in how we are dealing with this issue, how we are facing it and we got carried away. But this not only happens with the foot fetish, people have the same quandary with other sexual practices that are considered different; sex in public places, voyeurs, roleplay, swingers…

It has to be clarified that this is a personal opinion, there’s not a specific science about the foot fetish, although there are various studies on the subject, there’s no a global consensus and every psycologist and sexologist have their own theories about it.

Do you have any questions? May I can help you, write me HERE


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