Another foot fetish movies’ scenes compilation. The 5th part of the serie.

10. The princess diaries (2001) Anne Hathaway

10-The princess diaries (2001)

The princess Anne Hathaway is in the hairdresser getting a pedicure. We can see many close-ups of her pretty feet, fingers and shoes.

10-A 10-B
10-C 10-D

9. Straw Dogs (2011) Kate Bosworth

9-Straw Dogs (2011)

The gorgeous blondie Kate Bosworth has big size feet and soft soles as we can see on this film. Look at their cute long toes rubbing James Marsden’s arm while she’s eating an ice-cream.

9-A 9-B
9-C 9-D

8. 40 Days & 40 Nights (2002) Diane Kruger

8-40 Days & 40 Nights

In this scene Diane Kruger has the young shoe salesman (Josh Hartnett) take off her boots and try on some shoes for her. He clearly is captivated by her beautiful feet!

8-A 8-B
8-C 8-D
8-E 8-F

7. The notorious daughter of Fanny Hill (1966) Linda Cochran

7-The notorius daughter of Fanny Hill (1966)

This is a scene from a very old movie. We can see the classic palace servant worshiping his Mistress feet, in this case, the lady of the house. He is particularly submissive and subservient throughout the scene.

7-A 7-B
7-C 7-D

6. London (2005) Jessica Biel

6-London (2005)

A simple but kinky scene with the awesome Jessica Biel and Chris Evans, talking like Friends, smoking and foot rubbing in the bath.

6-A 6-B
6-C 6-D

5. Group Sex (2010) Odette Yustman

5-Group Sex (2010)

Greg Grunberg goes directly to her feet. But at first Juliette Yustman is reluctant to receive his foot massage. Greg continues the job, and few seconds after she’s gets aroused… the foot rubbing never fails.

5-A 5-B
5-C 5-D

4. The Last Emperor (1987) Joan Chen

4-The Last Emperor (1987)

Very hot foot fetish scene on this great movie; The asian culture of feet adoration is millenial, and it reflects on this cut when Joan Chen’s feet is been worshipped by her maidservant. Probably the most kiny asian foot fetish scene on cinema i’ve never seen.

4-A 4-B
4-C 4-D
4-E 4-F

3. Miranda (2002) Christina Ricci

3-Miranda (2002)

I’m not sure why Miranda (Christina Ricci) is crying on this scene because I didn’t see the movie, but sure she’s scared with the Kyle Maclachlan’s attitude. He’s worshipping her feet, and then sucks her toes… and eats her toering, swallow it literally… Seems he’s a Little insane.

3-A 3-B
3-C 3-D
3-E 3-F

2. Andre the Butcher (2005) April Billingsley and Heather Joy Budner

2-Andre the Butcher (2005)

Very hot lesbian foot fetish piece. Two amazing dolls kissing and playing before sex.. One of the games is a very kinky foot whorship with food. They’re getting fun, and their faces reflects the passion and the hottest lesbian lust.

2-A 2-B
2-C 2-D
2-E 2-F

1. Death Proof (2007) Rosario Dawson

1-Death Proof (2007)

This movie, writed and directed by Quentin Tarantino, has the classic foot fetish mark on Tarantino’s films. In this case, Rosario Dawson is the principal character, and -a mature- Kurt Russel is trying to get her attention… playing with her feet, touching and smelling, when she’s asleep in the car with her feet in the air.

1-A 1-B
1-C 1-D
1-E 1-F
1-G 1-H



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