Reddit is a huge web portal. This is the 6th most frequently visited in the world and the platform has an average of over 500M monthly unique users.

It’s about a content aggregator and the users’ community are the driving force. A social network where the users share and rate the content posted by other users, so you know how it goes: a post with high rating will be more visible for everyone. In short, Reddit is a giant forum composed by other smaller forums.

Full of communities in Reddit

On Facebook there are hundreds, maybe thousands of groups dedicated to foot fetish, where the users also share, rate and comment the content. There are generic groups about foot fetish and other with a specific theme within this category; “Only soles”, “Asian feet”, “Nylon & Stockings”, “Toerings”… The variety is very large.

Foot fetish groups in Facebook

There are no specific groups or communities on Instagram or Twitter, but they have the comfortables ‘hashtags’ that are used to find posts about a specific category. I’ve talked about this in a previous post here in The Feet Hunter, just type the word you’re looking for, say #teenfeet to watch tons of content of teen’s feet.

The good part of Reddit is the uniqueness of the content, usually with fresh & high quality posts. And talking about foot fetish, we can find a several number of foot lovers communities with a large number of pictures about about the topic to enjoy.

Real girls feet profiles

Foot Fetish communities on Reddit are different to each other. As happens with Facebook groups, some of them are very generic, as “female feet” or “foot fetish” but others are more explicit, looking for share a more specific content related to foot fetish as “long toes”, “ebony feet” or “dirty soles”.

Female feet forums

I just made a compilation of the best 10 Reddit’s foot fetish communities related to this topic, groups with thousands of followers adding high quality foot fetish content every day for your enjoyment. Original & fresh female feet photos and videos. Click HERE or the bottom banner to view the list.