Foot fetishists are very happy during the summer, with all those cute feet exposed on the street: in the beach, in the park, at mall, at work… everywhere is full of women showing her feet in all kind of footwear, mainly sandals and flip flops. Some foot lovers spent the whole summer drooling with female feet.

It’s inevitable that comparison will be made among ladies’ feet. Currently most of women take care of their feet, specially at this time of year, so the most part of the women have well-cared gorgeous feet, it’s absolutely delightful take a walk and enjoy all those gorgeous feet out there.

Heelpopping sexy feet

I think to myself: “I wish I could taste all these toes”. Honestly, I would be unable to work in a shoe’ store since I would be aroused all day long and I don’t think that’s good for my health. But one thing is certain: we like some feet more than others, and everyone have her own tastes about female feet.

Friends feet in the river

This is the topic of the post, “which kind of feet are usually most valuedMature or teen? Small or big? Clean or dirty? These and other questions will be answered on this post through Facebook’ surveys, the best way to know about foot fetishists’ tastes. And you know the old saying: “There is no accounting for tastes”.

Tasty feet delightful wrinkled soles

Let’s talk about foot fetish preferences, let’s see what foot fetishists really like. Click HERE or the banner down to start.