The foot modeling is being put on trend especially through Social Media. There are a lot of foot fetish profiles in Facebook and Twitter but, the Social Network with the biggest number of foot models is Instagram.

I can say that Instagram is a real foot models’ paradise; hundreds or even thousands profiles of sexy women showing their awesome feet. Girls that may be students, fitness girls, housewives, milfs… Everything is possible on Instagram. But foot fetish is forbidden on this Social Media. Which means, theoretically, there shouldn’t be any foot model, however, there is a degree of tolerance with this kind of content, as long as there are no nudes, or explicit sex.

Instagram, a perfect place for the foot models

There are lot of different kind of foot model’s profiles; some girls are focused on her beautiful toenails, like ‘kiffadeusa’ or ‘senhora_feet’. If you like long toenails, the queen is ‘camilafootmodel’ and if you love long-slender toes, ‘fingertoesx.o’ has the most pretty & sexy lengthy toes of the world. The ebony feet lovers are in luck with ‘sexyfeetgod97’ and, those who enjoy with the wrinkled soles, will be pleasured to meet ‘tinytoeswrinklysoles’. Most part of women’s feet are big, so it’s hard to find a model with small feet, but there are some girls with extremely cute tiny feet like ‘miss_petitefeet’ and ‘rock.petite’.

Petite feet on Instagram

As I said before, there’re female foot fetishist profiles for all tastes. Do you like foot tattoos? So you can follow the gorgeous ‘rosiefeetbabexo’ and enjoy the beauty of the pretty roses inked on her instep.

Sexy roses foot tattoo

Majority of foot models are anonymous, but also there are some exceptions, girls who don’t care to show her face, like ‘sashasoles_sg’, ‘thecosmicgoddess’ or ‘melaniefootmodel’. Even though the foot fetish is, in a way, allowed on Instagram, they have no problem to close a foot fetish account if required. In this way, many foot models said goodbye suddenly and surprisingly or have had to start from the beginning.

Amazing toerings of the gorgeous Foot Goddess

I’ve talked many times on my blog about foot fetish in the Social Media. Check my post “20 SEXY FEET FROM THE SOCIAL MEDIA” or the one dedicated to Twitter foot models “40 FOOT MODELS FROM TWITTER”. What about Instagram foot models? This is the topic of the current post: the best female foot fetish profiles on that site. And it was no easy, since I could find several number of sexy foot fetish profiles there. Was hard chose only 20.

But some foot models are prettiest than others, are you agree? Girls of different styles, ages, races and nacionalities, with small, big, tattoed or not, long or short toenails, dirty/smelly or clean feet: pay attention to this list I created about the 20 best foot fetish models on Instagram. Are you ready? Click HERE to access or the banner down there.