Summertime is foot fetishists time. Beach & Pool pure relax. Time to bikinis and light clothes, topless and, of course, full of bare feet, sandals, and flip flops of many types.

It’s not just about shape your body with many gym workouts, or following the hottest summer fashions, today women also opt to make the striking and sexiest toenail designs, to the delight of all foot lovers.

Adding some bright colors to the toenails, is not a novelty, lot of girls are taking their toes to the next level and beyond. As usual, many trends come from celebs, and the toenails fashion design is no exception. Oh yes, I love those feet popping while enjoying in the sun.

Then, which are the most hot & sexy toenail trends on last summer? We have plenty of examples on the Net. From the typical colored nails or frech pedicure, to the most dazzling, striking and original designs; funny patriotics, tropicals or even christmassy.

There’re many combinations of colors that can be mixed and matched for making pedicure; red, White and black are the most common colors, but some girls preffer exotic style with orange, yellow, hot pinks or electric blue, just to name few.

Design options are many and varied; fruits, flowers, country flags, animals… the possibilities are limitless when ladies give a life to their toes. However, not all pedicures works for every woman, must be keeping with her personal style, feet, and toes shape.

I’ve made a compilation of 20 sexy toenails designs, wanna see them? Click at banner below.