YouTube has very strict policies about the content, considering foot fetish as a forbidden and tabu topic, which is usually removed from the site because it’s considered obscene and only suitable for perverts.

But occasionally users upload videos about foot fetish scenes in a movie or popular TV show. I enjoy very much reading the comments, some very funny of extremely conservative people who ensure that “foot fetishism is out of control”. LOL.

But seriously, the foot fetish is not at all “out of control”, is something that has always been there for many years… but if it’s true that, with the advent of the Internet, somehow the subject has become more popular. Currently it’s not uncommon to watch lot of foot fetish scenes on any kind of TV program; movies, quiz and reality shows, commercials, talk shows even in cartoons.

Some time ago I published here a posts’ series about foot fetish scenes in movies and TV shows. I forgot a lot of interesting stuff, some good scenes that I want to share with you today, scenes in the cinema and TV Shows about foot worship theme. This is, mainly, foot massages and foot licking scenes. And of course, watching famous actresses enjoying foot fetishism on traditional TV is so hot and kinky. Who could refuse suck Jennifer Aniston’s toes?

The Foot Fetish is focused from different perspectives on TV, depends on  the director’s style of work. Some times, it’s represented as a daily routine, like the typical relaxing foot massage to the girl after a long hard-work day. Other times, the sexual component is added, as a sexual game or foreplay. Obviously there’re also domination-submission scenes, where female foot symbolizes the women’s power in a higher status.

Are you ready for action? Here you have the Top 20 best foot worship scenes on films and TV Shows. Click on the banner below to start.