Let’s talk about porn. Or rather, about porn actresses or pornstars that we have enjoyed in recent years. Socially, porn is dirty, disgusting, degenerated, only suitable for wankers and weirds or lonely people. Something that must be hidden.

But make no mistake: the reality is that a large percentage of the people watch porn, just nobody admit it.

– “Porn? No, nothing of the kind, I just only watch TV news and documentaries.”

Like hell you don’t watch porn. You, and many people like you watch porn usually, and the evidence is in the high economic income of this industry, being one of the most lucrative businesses currently. The porn makes more money than, for instance, alcohol, casino and bets, oil or pharmaceuticals.

I think you get the picture to what extent people consume pornography, although this report would never be reflected in surveys, because people often hide it, since, as I said before, it’s socially unacceptable.

You’re probably wondering: “what the fuck do I care about all this?” I just wanted to make a couple of moral thoughts on that before coming to the substance, the topic what really matters to me, the reason why you are reading this post: the pornstars’ feet. What about them? Nobody talks about it cause obviously, people often to focus on the sexual areas, that is, pussy, ass and breasts.

Usually porn actresses are sexy and beautiful, and usually pretty girls also have beautiful and well cared feet (not always true, there’re exceptions), there’re some strange cases of gorgeous celebrities with ugly and poorly cared feet, but let’s not talk of that, let’s focus only on positive things.

Feet, feet, feet; let’s talk about their feet. Let’s talk about the feet of, for instance, Paris Kennedy, a girl who is not especially famous, she’s not especially pretty either, but there’s something about her that particularly turns me on. She’s an exotic beauty, with a very sexy nose, leer and piercing eyes. Look at her feet, are amazing, as you can see in the image.

Another pornstar that I particularly like a lot is Kayla Kayden, a big breasts blonde, teen kind, a heavenly body and angel’s face. Her feet, of course, are almost perfect: polynesian type, small, well aligned toes and high arch, extremely delightful. I leave you a pciture to admire this beauty’s feet.

Of course, couldn’t miss the ebony Goddess Sarah Banks and her beautiful feet, always look great and with a perfect french pedicure. In contrast to Sarah’s feet, we can delight with Amarna Miller’s feet, the spanish pornstar, who is  extremely pale skin, but equally attractive.

Actually there’re hundreds of pornstars with pretty feet, so I decided to make a list of famous porn actresses from each country, with noteworthy feet. I present to you the 20 women with the most beautiful feet in the porn industry.