The foot fetish terminology: 20 words you should know

Everyone (or almost everyone) knows what foot fetishism means: it’s not a popular topic, but we have seen news about it in magazines, Internet and TV. Everyone looks it as a weird hobby, only for a few and simplifies all in “licking feet”.

However, foot fetishism is neither simple nor exclusive to a few. Instead this it’s a fetish shared by millions and millions of people around the world. Try googling “foot fetish” and you will see the large number of searches returned by the search engine.

Neither is a simple practice, it has many ways to enjoy it and, in addition, has an own rich and varied terminology. The real foot lovers know most of the words: the most obvious “foot fetish”, and the most common such as “foot worship”, “foot Licking”, “foot smelling” or “trampling”.

But I don’t know them all. Although I know foot fetish pretty well (ahem), every day I learn new words about or related with it. That’s why I have decided to create an own  dictionary to list, catalog and explain the meaning of words related to the foot fetish theme.

I guess it’s the first exclusive Foot Fetish dictionary on the Internet. I have added the 20 most common terms, but surely there are more. If you know any, write to my email and I will add it to the dictionary. Thanks for your cooperation and I hope you find this info useful.