There’s nothing odd about watch a foot fetish scene on a TV show. Actually, there are lot of Tv series with feet scenes. The challenge is finding many feet scenes in the same show. And this is the topic at hand: TV shows with various scenes that make reference to the foot fetish or, at least, we can enjoy some cute female feet in action.

1. Coronation Street

Coronation Street, also known as ‘Corrie’, is a British sitcom that premiered on 1960 in the Independent Television (ITV). On 2010, Coronation Street became the oldest TV show of the world and was included on the Guinness World Records list. The series depicts the life of some residents of a streen named Coronation, a family comedy with the typical British style.

Here the foot fetish is viewed from a daily-life perspective. Just it happens with other shows like Friends or Big Bang Theory, addresses the subject in a trivial way, with naturality, without a sexual background as it happens with other series analice don this post. Barefoot women, innocent pedicures, and foot massages… lots of feet rubbings.

There are some good foot fetish shots in the sitcom Coronation Street

But here comes the facinating of the foot fetish, because for lot of foot fetishists, including myself, may become much more arousing a daily scene in which feet are involved, than a scene specifically fetishists with sexual features. It’s like compare a professional foot fetish service, with make a foot rubbing with a friend spontaneously and by improvising. What would you prefer? What would be more arousing for you?