This is a true story that happened to me many years ago, when I was very young, a fish bait of 19 years old, the typical hormonal teenager, you know. Even in those early days I was already a convinced and passionated female feet lover.

All happened on a seaside town where we used to summer, my parents had there an apartment and was the place where I spent most of my childhood summers and also part of my teenage years, with great memories of it, just like the story that I’m going to tell.

I love go shopping to the Mall, specially on summer days. It’s one of these places that I like to go alone, guess why… It’s like to stay on the Paradise of feet. And I spend all the time looking at the floor, checking every single foot walking around there.

This is a fascinating show for a foot fetishist, since on the Shopping Centre meet all sorts of women, styles, ages and nacionalities. So, as a confirmed voyeur, the variety of feet you can enjoy is completely amazing. Big feet with long toes, small feet with short toes, painted or natural toenails, differents types of pedicures, sandals, flip flops, flats, boots, high heels… An almost infinite range of female feet and footwear. It’s like a foot party where you are not invited, but you can watch everything you want.

I enjoy simply watching the immense beauty of the women’s feet, but of course, I try to hide what I feel, since you can’t go through life like a sick-obsessed with feet. Even though I have to admit that sometime I ended-up with a terrible neck pain, but it makes up for watching some beautiful feet. Sometimes, I think, that there’re only a few feet that I never would worship or lick, most of them seem really appealing for me… I begin to imagine the features of all these feet, the smell, the taste… A very kinky game in my fevered mind.

But the one thing that I couldn’t imagine that happening to me, happened one day. An experience burned into my memory that will be with me the rest of my life, as one of the most erotic, hot and (why not?) funny episode that I had the fortune to live.

Everything happened one of those days that I was daydreaming, shopping in the Mall, and also secretly voyeuring women’s feet. It was an ordinary day, a Tuesday, I went to the supermarket like I used to do every Tuesday to make the weekly shop, you know. It was on summer, in the middle of July, and it was very hot.

Once the shopping done, and completely satisfied of watching feet (and very horny) I headed to pay my purchases to the cash register.  There was a queue, 4 or 5 people in front of me. So I had to wait. I hate wait in the queues… But not that day. That day I loved it. I loved it because just in front of me there was a pretty lady, blonde, quite tall, with a slim body, big ass and small tits but very beautiful face, and I suposed she also had gorgeous feet under those awesome shoes. She was an older woman than me, about 30 or maybe 35 years old. The typical sexy MILF, you know what I mean?

She was wearing clogs and capri pants. I instantly fell in love with her, I gulped looking in to her legs, amazed with her sexy ankle and heel, and I could notice how I was drooling picturing her feet. Lost in my thoughts, trying to guess how wonderful could be that feet, it happened suddenly, almost without realizing it, an unimaginable thing, the experience I never thought I could live.

The charming lady might noticed that I had the gazed focused on her feet because, as bold as brass she took off one clog, bent her knee straight back and supported her delightful foot over my leg. Can you imagine my jerk face? And that’s completely true, I swear. She did it, just as cool as a cucumber, as if support your feet on a stranger at the checkout line was something completely normal.

I had no idea of how to react, but I felt an embarrassing erection, although thank goodness I was wearing quite wide trousers that covered up my terrible excitement (and confusión) of the moment.

When I came to, I looked at my knee and her foot still be there. I was blown away by the girl’s perfect foot… It was a huge foot, elongated and slim, the typical sexy slender foot, delicate, tender, long toes and a perfect and striking pedicure with the toenails painted in dark red that contrasted with her pale skin. And the best part: her tasty and soft pinkish soles, with the typical bit of dirt and sweat that I like so much… Actually, I could notice a delicious scent that came up in my nostrils, the sweet fragance mix of cheese and vinegar that came from those awesome foot.

For most of people this could be considered as an impolite, rude and disgusting action, but for me became one of the most erotic moments of my life. Things of the human psyche. I let my imagination keep running wild, although I had no much time, since the lady, suddenly turned around to tell me:

– Do you care that I rest my foot there? I’ve been walking around all the morning and I have my feet very tired…

You should’ve seen my face. Probably she noticed my nervousness because I started babbling like an idiot, stammering, I could only whisper in a very clumsily way:

– Yyy ye ye, yes, iii it it it’s oo ok, I do do don’t ccc ca ca ccare…

After seeing my hesitant answer, a proud smile appeared in the face of the stunning woman. Blushed, I look down again to her wonderful foot, that had me totally shocked. When her turn came in the cash register, she removed her foot from my leg, paid her purchases and went out without looking back.

I was still in shock about it, I took some seconds to react… The cashier had to wake me up of my stupor:

– Excuse me, sir… sir? -said the cashier.

– Oh yes, sorry, tell me, how much is it?

– It’s $80,50 please

I paid the purchase as fast I could, although due to my nervousness and excitement, I dropped some coins to the floor… a couple of times.

Standing, paying my shopping, I started to develope an strategy in my head. I needed to talk with that woman no matter what, l couldn’t possibly let this opportunity slip by. When I was picking up my shopping bags I saw the lady of the tasty feet outside, walking down the street.

So I plucked up courage, went out to her and, although I was ashamed for what I was going to tell her, finally my desires and my kinky mind won. So I drew her attention and I told her, very politely and a bit shy:

– Excuse me lady…

– Tell me, what can I do for you? –replied to me.

– Can I ask you something? –I asked shyly.

– Of course, but hurry up, I still have to carry my groceries to home –she answered in some haste.

-Why before did you put your feet over my leg?

The woman burst out laughing and told me:

– Well, I’m sorry if I bothered you. As I said you before, I was all the morning walking around and my feet are really tired… I needed a foothold and I did it in an unconscious way, I hope I haven’t troubled you…

My reply was not long in coming:

– No! Please, I didn’t mind at all, quite the opposite! I want to purpose you that if you want it, I can give you a foot massage, since I’m a reflexology expert.

Obviously that was no true, I wasn’t expert of nothing but I had to say something, I couldn’t look so pathetic and desperated telling her that I couldn’t wait to worship her feet, just like that.

– Oh yes? Uhmmm… Now that you mention it, I wouldn’t mind. Yes, of course, let’s go, but I’ll not pay a penny for it, you hear? –she told me with a mocking smile.

– Of course not mademoiselle, I just do it by vocation –and I smiled more relaxed after her positive answer.

I was glad to see how open-mind was her despite my “shameless” proposal.

– Ok little boy, I’ll take your word for it, come to my home if you want, I live near here… While you’re at it, why don’t you carry my shopping bags too?

– Of course Miss, don’t mention it! –I answered briskly.

So, there I was, carrying my 2 bags and 6 more bags of the lady, 8 bags in total, 4 on each hand… To be honest the bags were very heavy, but I didn’t care and the fantasy of being a servant of her came up to my mind.

– Let’s go then, behind me –said the woman authoritatively, already playing her role- By the way, my name is Sarah.

Her name was Sarah, a very beautiful name. Now that I recall, I didn’t even tell her my name, I didn’t introduce myself properly because the thrill I had. Although, according to the next developments, I think she didn’t mind my name…

I remember perfectly that she was wearing fascinating brown clogs, high heeled, that stylized her sexy and long legs, the sound of the shoes when walking “cloc, cloc, cloc” and, above all, the memory of the image of her sexy toes rubbing my leg and the exquisite smell that I’d never forget. I was still hypnotized, like in a cloud, but I still following those clogs, feeling like a horse running after the carrot, like Alice in Wonderland chasing the White Rabbit. 

Sarah didn’t turn around to see me at any time, or for asking me how I was since I was loaded with the shopping while she was walking front of me, almost without realized that I was behind her, ignoring me, talking by cell with a friend about trivial things. I sharpened my ear and I could hear one of her talks:

– As you hear, Lucy, another loser willing to carry my groceries, and this one also has offered to give me a foot massage… I swear!!! You were right, some men are… -her friend seems that replied somethingIf I had known, I would have asked him to pay my purchases too! and after saying this, she bursted a loud laughter, while she turned watching me with a superiority attitude.

That made that my kinky mind turned on even more. Because if there’s anything that I like even more than feet, is a dominant woman. And Sarah seemed to know how exactly treat men like me.

Overwhelmed by the situation, I arrived at her apartment. I went inside after her and she ordered me to left the shopping bags in the kitchen. When I came back to the main hall, she was sitting on a couch that seemed so much confortable.

Sarah looked at me, I was choked, the drops of sweat wet my face, my shirt and my trousers after carrying the purchase over more than 1 or 2 miles. When she said me “I live near here” she obviously lied to me. Then she said:

– Are you tired? Just don’t relax, you still have some work left to do, reflexology expert –said with a wicked grin and a certain mochking tone.

I couldn’t believe all what was happening to me. But not even in my best dreams could I have imagined such an incredible experience. I felt how my underpants were about to burst and the lump in my trousers was already evident. I was extremely horny in those moments.

Although I was too much focused on Sarah and her wonderful-perfect feet, I took a look at her home. It was a little but beautiful and well maintained apartment, tastefully appointed. I also noticed that it was full of Sarah’s pictures with a girl that I suposed was her partner. I saw some magazine clippings too, with an approach clearly feminist, symbology of the LGBT collective…

Then I knew that she was lesbian. Lesbian, activist and extremely feminist. The kind of woman that takes seriously all these issues, something unusual in those times. But I didn’t care at all, however, I turned even hotter, since in my mind I never thought in traditional sex. That would have been too much normal and typical. And I must to admit, that I’m not normal neither typical. My eyes were widened while I was spreading out my hands to touch her, but Sarah pulled her feet away to make something clear before start:

– And remember, you only can touch my feet. If you touch me up my knee, I will slap your silly face, do you hear?

My helpful attitude and my agreeable answer did not wait:

– Don’t worry, I wouldn’t think of doing such a thing, my ladyI told her submissively.

With a smile on her pretty face, Sarah added:

– And don’t you dare licking them or do either of these things that usually do the weird guys like you. Because… are you one of those, right?

I was like stoned, completely overjoyed, so I got carried away:

– Ehmmm… I guess so, I think you pegged me. I’ll do the massage as we agreed, I promise that I’m not going to exceed.

– Well, then start, I will say to you when all is finished. If you do it well, perhaps I let you smell my feet for a while before you go -said Sarah with a condescending tone.

Then I knew that was required a massive effort to give her the best foot massage of my life. The reward was too much valuable to let it get away. I didn’t really know if I would see her again and much less if I could repeat a similar experience in my whole life. I had to seize the moment “Carpe Diem” –I thought.

Sarah leaned back against the couch and let a breath out in satisfaction. She didn’t even took her shoes off, she probably thought that was my job too. And I didn’t hesitate on taking off her clogs, softly, with a certain nerviosism and my hands shaking, I revealed those gorgeous feet in front of me.

How can I describe the feelings I had? There are no words in the human language to express what I felt on that moment. It was comparable to the excitement of a child on the Christmas morning when he’s opening the presents brought by Santa Claus.

In my head, Sarah was like Santa Claus, her shoes were the gift’s wrapping and her feet… her feet were the gift. The best gift who nobody gave me in my entire life. I saw again those tasty feet that left me in shock in the Mall and, this time, the delicious scent came up to me more stronger, so my degree of hornyness already was sky high. I swear, there was a moment that I thought that I was going to have a seizure since my heart was pounding too much fast.

I massaged and massaged that feet like there was no tomorrow. It was just gently touching her soles in circular movements with my fingers, grabbed them strongly with my hands, then sweetly, stroking her delicate toes, tapping them softly with my fingertips… And meanwhile I could watch her amazing feet in all its glory.

At that time seemed to me the nicest feet I’ve never seen. The most beautiful feet in the Earth. The dirt and sweat mixture was prevading my hands and fingers of a heavenly smell. I promised to myself that I wouldn’t wash my hands never again.

I can’t remember exactly, but I think that I was easily like an hour or maybe an hour and a half giving pleasure to her feet with my hands. I guess Sarah was enjoying a lot, and at the end of the session she seemed enough satisfied. The truth is that, although I also was having too much fun with it, my hands were already in pain and had my fingers very tired, since I done the massage with much commintment and effort.

The lady, visibly entranced, told me:

– Fuck man, You did it very well, I don’t know if you are a true masseur, but one can see that you have been acquainted giving foot rubbings… Well, ok, I think you deserve the reward, you have 10 minutes to delight you sniffing my feet, BUTwarned me severelyDon’t ever think to bring your disgusting tongue to my feet, you haven’t won it yet, do you understand little footboy?

– Of course Miss, whatever you desire, I don’t want to inconvenience you –I said without looking away from her beautiful big soles.

And after this, desperately I ran to smell her feet. I sniffed every inch and I took advantage of every precious second. I didn’t care anymore what she really thought about me, a guy obsessed with feet and desperated by smelling them; actually I was so immersed in the slave role than even I was aroused that she thought exactly this of me.

And there I was, smelling with devotion her awesome soles, that remained at a few inches from my face. With the arousal of that pervasive and magnificent smell, and also the dirty desire of know that I couldn’t taste them, those feet turned into my greatest wish, like the forbidden fruit from Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Of course I would have liked to kiss them, lick and clean them all with my tongue, in addition of compulsively jerking myself till have 2 or 3 consecutive orgasms, dropping my cum over those delicate arched feet, but I thought if I did it, I would break the game’s rules, so I respected her instructions and I did exactly what she asked. After those 10 minutes of glory, that I enjoyed like never before and I’ll never forget, Sarah removed her feet from my face and told me:

– Stop, it’s enough, don’t you think? Put again my shoes on and get out of here, your job is already done. As you can imagine, I don’t like men, but at least the weirdos like you serve to make life easier to women, and that pleases me –she concluded.

Naturally I thanked her, picked up my shopping bags and, before walk out the door, I had a last glance back to see that Goddess, and I saw Sarah snapping her fingers with a sneer, while saying:

– Get out of here idiot! what are you waiting for?

Just like that, I left. While I was closing the door I heard she talking again with her friend on the phone. Behind the door l thought I heard how she mentioned “the pathetic worm” obviously addressed to me.

I left there humiliated but also aroused. I have been used in a very cruel way by the charming lady. And, instead of feeling bad, I thanked Heaven for this blessed experience. Now, the only thing running through my head was: “will I ever see her again?

With this thought I arrived at home, and still with my hands pervaded by that exquisite and unforgettable smell, I jerk off myself as many times as my young manliness allowed me, I don’t remember how many masturbations I got, but surely more than 3 consecutives… So I ended up dry, in ecstasies and completely exhausted, but awfully happy and satisfied too.

Since then I came back every Tuesday to the Mall, to do the shopping and continue enjoying with my favorite hobby, watch feet, but I never saw Sarah there again, neither in the town. The woman who gift me with one of the most erotic and kinky experiences of my life had gone. I investigated asking some neighbors and I heard that she moved to another village cause of job topics. That left me feeling sad and frustrated.

This issue always had been a thorn in my side, I was looking forward to taste her feet, an imposible wish, an unresolved sexual tension that I should solve before die. But I really didn’t know how…

I took a chance and I stool some letters from her old mailbox. Some of them were in her name. That’s how I found out her surname, that I keeped in my memory just in case. Many years later Facebook appeared, and finally I could contact with her. Currently Sarah is a mature woman in her 50s, but she still being very sexy.

After a long chat I convinced her to have a meeting. But this story I’ll tell you some other day…

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