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What is eroticism? We’ll agree that there’s no single answer. It’s something so personal; what is erotic for me, may be not for you or may even be pornographic.

How many times do we hear “pornography is explicit” and “the subtle is erotic”? But it’s always like this? I think on that when I remember some scenes in a foot fetish party. Explicit scenes of guys massaging, licking and worshipping feet. But by not including genitality they’re not pornographic and can come out on TV news channels. It’s curious to see how some body parts are censored and others more exciting for some people, aren’t censored.

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Eroticism begins on feet. I love to lick toes one by one with dedication and delicacy. No matter what else exists in the world; for a good fetishist only exists feet. There’re fetishists who look into the feet while worshiping them, others like to look directly into the eyes. But all foot lovers are hypnotized with that part of the body. The foot fetishist is the sex thoughtful.

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When there’s a connection between the giver and the receiver, no glances are needed. Sensations that feet transmit can be very intense. Warm hands at the moment you need them, a playful tongue between cute toes, teeth brushing the sole, thumbs pressing in the right place. All this can be so exciting. Then, when the glances meet in the end, the relationship is absolute. That moment is pure eroticism.

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“I’m fascinated and amazed at how extremely sensual and sexy it looks that glasses’ girl doing trampling. So delicate and focused on him. Soft, slow … Also sounds great music in the air. She’s looking for the visual connection between both … “

An observer discovered the trampling’s eroticism. From outside, the trampling seems like a dance. From inside, rubbing someone’s body with feet, playing with different zones and pressures, is a wonderful experience. Now she puts one foot in my mouth, now stroking my chest, now she tramples a little harder, now she walks over me. Here we look for the visual connection because to look from below to the eyes of those who’s trampling you is an exciting sensation. And from above, that suffering devotion face is captivating.

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The delicacy of painting toenails, the softness of cleaning her feet, the pleasure of licking soles smeared in chocolate, the force to trample someone, the security of a foot domination. Playing with feet is highly erotic. Some men and women actively discovered it.
A good erotic session doesn’t need more to be very satisfactory.


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