High-heeled or red black shoes. Perhaps this is one of the most erotic objects for shoes fetishists. And also for women. Erotic doesn’t means fetish.

Some people get excited seeing a woman wearing high heels. Watching a woman. The fetishist will be excited by the shoe and then he will notice the woman. I’m exaggerating but, ultimately, it’s where the focus is located.

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The fetishism by the heel shoes is called altocalcifilia. But even though it’s the most typical image, they’re not the only shoes that have an erotic connotation. Dancers, sandals, flip-flops, sneakers, boots … are very exciting for those who enjoy footwear. We know some people are excited with clogs and don’t underestimate the power of some used smelly flats.

It’s common to confuse foot fetishists with shoes fetishists. Okay, yeah, the relationship is obvious. And although many podophiles are also lovers of footwear, they are not all. Neither in reverse.

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The fetishists sexual life don’t necessarily only revolve around their fetishes. There will be someone who does it without any problem. But as I like to demystify, there are also many fetishists who can have a sexual activity more “normal” or more kink way. Although may take and advantage including some details, for example, not removing heels.

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shoeplay-sex-play-with-shoes-3c shoeplay-sex-play-with-shoes-3d

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Shoeplay: Bringing movement to the shoe


The shoe itself is fine, but if we give it movement is much more interesting. Some feet playing with a shoe or some actions in which the footwear is the protagonist can delight someones. This is knows as shoeplay in the fetish language. Here are some possibilities:

Dangling: swinging the shoe from the tips to the toes, leaving the heel outside. Usually the person sits cross-legged.


Dipping: standing, taking foot out off the shoe, usually letting the sole in sight.


Heelpopping: With the shoe resting on the ground, leaving feet tips resting on it and taking the heel out of the shoe. Here you can also see the foot sole. Ballerinas and flats are a very suitable type of shoe for this game.


(Surely you have seen women doing it in the street many times. Some do it involuntarily but surely some girls known about fetish games and do it premeditatedly.)


Pedal pumping: The image of a high-heeled shoe on a car’s accelerator. Power, control and speed are mixed. An explosive cocktail for some.


Shoe worship: The shoe adoration. Lick it, touch it, massage it, enjoy it. If you’re the one wearing the shoes, do not stay static, moving and playing with the shoe on the fetishist’s face or body. He’ll like it for sure.


Shoe crushing: Stepping things with heels. Food is usually trampled. Sometimes the food gets between the shoe and is crushed with the foot. There are innumerable and surprising variables of this game. Speaking of different options, there is also shoe ball crushing, only for the more daring.



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