There are several ways, some better than others, to satisfy our foot fetish appetite. These are the best or most usual methods to foot worship


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This is the best way if you trust her. You don’t need to be explicit at this point: Your acts reveals your feet passion and sures he will know about it. We’ve been talked about this: foot massages, making her pedicure, taking care of her feet and finally Licking her toes during sex. Do it natural, most part of girls love it.

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The same can be done with sporadic relationships or one-night stands. No need to confess as a foot fetishist, simply acting accordingly to our tastes, doing it naturally can enjoy your passion without sounding like a freak.

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This is another option but also have some points to consider.

  • It’s a nice experience, but it’s and expensive experience too. Especially if you look for long time sessions or more tan one girl in the same time.
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  • You can not touch the girl beyond his feet and, in theory, you can’t masturbate. In contrast, we can find:
  • A lot of different girls with different feet (size, form, nails, smell…) to choose: You can plan your dreamed foot fetish session.
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  • Unlike prostitution, there are no health risks whatsoever. The foot fetish is 100% healthy .
  • In some cases you may also request some (low-level) femdom sessions, but not all foot dungeons offers these kind of services.

Here you cand find some of the most famous foot fetish clubs.


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If you are looking for a girl to share something more than a short foot fetish sesión and you want to find someone like you with foot fetish and other BDSM practises maybe you must look on specialist dating websites.

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It works the same way as other pages to find a partner. You pay a fee, create a profile and hope to find the love of your life. In this case, with the same sexual interests, so much of the work is done. It’s better to seek your ideal partner in a high population city with more diverse sexual tastes.



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