We all enjoy the TV Shows. There are many foot fetish scenes that we perhaps overlooked. This post is a compilation of the 10 foot fetish Shows’ scenes most memorables

10. HOLLYOAKS (1995)

Jennifer Metcalfe

10-Hollyoaks-2 10-Hollyoaks-1

In this scene we can see the beautiful Jennifer Metcalfe putting up sexy legs on guy’s knees to  delight us with their beautiful feet. Absolutely fascinating.

10-Hollyoaks-a 10-Hollyoaks-b

9. THE L WORLD (2004)

Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman

9-The L world-2 9-The L world-1

Jennifer Beals massaging Laurel Holloman’s feet with naturally. Indeed, it’s a very usual and familiar act, but when I see an attractive woman taking care of another beautiful woman’s feet I can’t get to feel excited.

9-The L world-a 9-The L world-b
9-The L world-c 9-The L world-d

8. GOSSIP GIRL (2007)

Leighton Meester

8-Gossip Girl-1 8-Gossip Girl-2

Awesome Leighton Meester scene on “Gossip Girl”. The maid is taking care of her feet while Leighton talks with dominant attitude. Very hot and sexy foot fetish scene.

8-Gossip Girl-a 8-Gossip Girl-b
8-Gossip Girl-c 8-Gossip Girl-d



Eva Longoria

7-Desperate Housewives-2 7-Desperate Housewives-1

Amazing and very hot scene of Eva Longoria at “Desperate Housewives”. She’s a really beauty and her feet are so much cute (as we can appreciate in a foreground). In this scene, Eva tries to seduce the boy putting her pretty foot in… where it hurts.

7-Desperate Housewives-a 7-Desperate Housewives-b
7-Desperate Housewives-d 7-Desperate Housewives-c


Busy Philips

6-How I met your mother-1 6-How I met your mother-2

In this scene the gorgeous Busy Philipps enjoys an erotic foot massage (look at her orgasmic face). The scene is obviously humoristic, but it’s also so erotic to see the feet of this beauty blonde, or not?

6-How I met your mother-a 6-How I met your mother-b
6-How I met your mother-c 6-How I met your mother-d

5. FRIENDS (1994)

Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow

5-friends-1 5-friends-2
5-friends-3 5-friends-4

In famous show tv “Friends” we can see how the marvellous Courteney Cox loves to get her feet massaged for many guys. We couldn’t miss a pair of scenes of the beautiful Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow showing their amazing feet and soles.

5-friends-a 5-friends-b
5-friends-c 5-friends-d


Kaley Cuoco

4-Big bang theory-2 4-Big bang theory-1
4-Big bang theory-3 4-Big bang theory-4

Who doesn’t loves gorgeous Kaley Cuoco? I confess a total admirer of her character, it’s absolutely fascinating. In this scene Johnny Gallecki offered to make her a sexy pedicure. If I could, I would make pedicures to Kaley Cuoco’s feet all days of my life.

4-Big bang theory-a 4-Big bang theory-b
4-Big bang theory-c 4-Big bang theory-d

3. DIRT (2007)

Alexandra Breckenridge

3-Dirt-1 3-Dirt-2

Here is an example of unhealthy foot fetishist. Notice how this poor man gets crazy just by looking at the beautiful Alexandra Breckenridge feet… He ends up shouting and masturbating while she looks incredulously.

3-Dirt-a 3-Dirt-b
3-Dirt-c 3-Dirt-d


Loretta Fox and Wendi McLendon-Covey

2-Lovespring International-1 2-Lovespring International-2
2-Lovespring International-4 2-Lovespring International-3

This scene is quite comical and sexy. Jack Plotnick character is a repressed foot fetishist, the gorgeous Loretta Fox knows it and tries to forces him with her foot. However Jack resists the temptation but finally falls at his secretary’s feet: The beautiful Wendi McLendon Covey.

2-Lovespring International-a 2-Lovespring International-b
2-Lovespring International-c 2-Lovespring International-d

1. SEX AND THE CITY (1998)

Kristin Davis

1-Sex and the city-1 1-Sex and the city-2

Kristin Davis’s feet are absolutely wonderful. In this “Sex and the City” chapter she shows her feet in all its glory. The shoe store employee is a real foot fetish lover and makes a deal with Kristin Davis. Salesman offers her an expensive shoes for free and she lets her feet to him for play. That’s an irresistible offer for girls and irresistible feet for a foot lover.

1-Sex and the city-a 1-Sex and the city-b
1-Sex and the city-f 1-Sex and the city-d
1-Sex and the city-c 1-Sex and the city-e

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