I really enjoy the wonderful world of the foot parties. I’ve written about it many times here, on TheFeetHunter and I never get tired of it. I’ve mailed my friend Angelico, the owner of the great FetishAffairs company, to ask for his famous foot parties. I wanted to know about the place, the girls and the customers.

Here you have some feedback from some of Fetish Affairs’ models and clients, who work at their foot parties for your fetish pleasure, to give you some insights about their bimonthly foot fetish parties in New York City.



What do you enjoy most about working at Fetish Affairs foot fetish parties?

I am completely nonjudgmental, so when I first came to understand that there were men who like feet, and was so intrigued that I went to my first foot fetish party, which was yours, and never look back.

I love the feeling that I get by giving men pleasure with my feet. I am told all the time that they get more pleasure from worshiping feet then “normal guys” get from regular sex. That is such a turn on for me.

Fertish Affairs’ model Ashley tender pink soles

I am so glad that I’ve made so many guys feel more comfortable with their foot fetish. I feel like I’m doing a great service. I love working at your parties and plan on continuing as long as possible and as long as you’ll have me.


What made you approach Fetish Affairs to work at our foot fetish parties?

I was referred by one of my girlfriends who already was working for your foot fetish parties. She said she was having a blast ball making money, and also meeting so many interesting guys and all around the world.

Foot model Ashley (2)

At first I have to say I was a little bit intimidated. But I found immediately that almost all guys with foot fetishes are gentlemen and real nice. Of course I like making money. But it really is more than that. I have a kinky side and I feel this is very healthy for me as an outlet for that kink side.

Foot model Ashley (3)

I am nonconventional in general in life, and I love that I can make money on the side like this, at the same time I think I’m really giving service to people who are misunderstood. Call me Ms. foot fetish now, because my feet are the gift I give to the foot fetish world for their pleasure. And I love it.


Can you share with everybody some of the high points of working at Fetish Affairs foot parties?

First of all, it’s a very cool laid-back atmosphere, though it is filled with hundreds of people. It’s a combination of large and cozy which I applaud you for creating. You and your girlfriend a really cool people. The atmosphere is electric. The dance floor, the music, the dancing, it literally is a party. And I love partying. And I love nightlife. So it’s a perfect fit for me.

Lexi and Kat from Fetish Affairs

And I really dig that I get to meet so many interesting people from all around the world. There was way back who came in from Paris overnight just to come to be at the party. He fell in love with me and my feet so much that he actually came back recently for another overnighter, and he came mostly from me and my feet! I was so flattered! He also saw that I was very ticklish on my feet, which is so true, and since he has a foot fetish and a tickle fetish, I think you’re really rocked his world! Twice!

Showing feet in the red room

Tickling to me is a mixture of pain and pleasure, but really more pleasure than pain. I can handle only so much, but when somebody really knows what they’re doing with tickling, it makes me feel like I’m floating in the sky.

We also interviewed two male attendees of Fetish Affairs foot fetish parties and here’s what they had to say about their foot fetish experiences at our foot fetish parties:



John, thank you for coming forth and publicly talking about your foot fetish and your experiences at our foot fetish parties. No questions just let me know what you want to say please.

 First I want to thank you for offering a really fun party where everybody is made to feel comfortable. The first party I came to was 10 years ago. That’s so long ago! I’ve been to so many of your parties over the last 10 years, but, every time I come to when you’re parties it’s like a new experience!

Foot worship session in Fetish Affairs

I like that you always offer new girls at every party. I also like that you offer such a large collection of girls to choose from. And also that so many of the girls are so different giving a wide variety of choice for me. I like variety so that really works for me. And I like that you guarantee that all the girls are congenial, and I can say and give testimony that I’ve never met one not cool girl that your parties. That’s really amazing.

The first party I came to I was literally shaking. I remember you came over to me and you made me feel very comfortable. You calmed me down immediately. You said you understood because you had the same foot fetish, and that there was nothing to be nervous about. You introduced me to a girl, I remember her name, Janie, I still think about her until this day. She worked at the party for at least three or four years, and we had so many sessions together. I miss her.

Licking tender feet

I look forward to keep coming to your parties. Thank you for giving them. And I’m glad I got to share this with other people of same interest.


Other people with foot fetishes would love to hear about you and your foot fetish and what you think about our foot fetish parties, and I know you have out in the open that you also have a tickle fetish, so can you please talk about both your foot and tickle fetishes and your experiences at Fetish Affairs?

Angelico, you and your partner give simply the best party. I’ve been to every party everywhere and every time I come back to yours I keep thinking there is nothing like your party anywhere. When I first read your newsletters I really questioned that you actually had 80 girls, and that they all really pretty. I was so shocked when I first walked in. I mean shocked. It was like walking into foot fetish nirvana!

Priscilla feet colored toes

So many of your girls are ticklish! I really like that you guarantee us with tickle fetishes girls who are not faking it, girls who really are ticklish, and that you allow us to tie them up and tickle them! I was respect boundaries with the girls, so I don’t tickle them beyond where they can deal with it, but some of them really let me let it rip and that is the best thing for me in the world!

I like your parties are trouble-free, that you have so much security, and that you offer those great VIP rooms which I like to go to for extra privacy room and comfort.

Priscilla delicious soles

I really like also that you make the girls take really good care of their feet. And that you also keep your rules really strict about the girls cleaning their feet between sessions. That’s important to me. I love being able to lay down with girls was so beautiful who frankly in my real life I would never have the opportunity to even talk to, and worship their feet as long as I want. It’s a dream come true.

I literally cannot wait for the bimonthly parties. I wish you had them every week. It is the high point in my life literally.

Okay folks, there’s little insight into Fetish Affairs foot fetish parties. If you’d like more information and jump in on the fun please visit: FetishAffairs.com

That’s all friends,

See you soon

Feet Hunter

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