I want to ask to all foot fetishists: What do you prefer, a beautiful girl with ugly feet, or an ugly girl with beautiful feet? This is the eternal question. Of course, the best option is a beautiful lady with beautiful feet, right? So, that’s what this post’s about: Beauties with pretty feet.

Beautiful Dakota Fanning has sexy small feet size 7

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. Celebs usually are tall, with huge feet and long toes, but there are a few exceptions, some cute famous actresses and singers with small lovely feet and tiny toes. One of my favorite celebrity with petite-feet is the Canadian actress Rachel McAdams,  who has a pretty little tootsies, size 6.5.

Lovely small feet of Rachel McAdams (Canada)

As I said before, there are some very beautiful famous-women but with awful disgusting feet. For many men this is not important, for a foot fetishist may be the difference between a cute girl and an Olympus’ Goddess. Corns and bunions, nasty toenails,  damaged skin… these are some of the things that make feet ugly.

Kaya Scodelario nice tattoo but ugly feet & toes

However, the sexy feet are characterized by have skin smooth, without bunions or callosity, well-proportioned and well pedicured toenails; and, according to surveys, egyptian feet type is favorite for most men. A celebrity who combines all these special features in her feet is the gorgeous Emma Watson, the quintessential foot fetishists’ Muse.

Emma Watson feet, favorite for most foot lovers

So, let’s enjoy the feet of these 20 attractive celebrities of all ages. Click HERE or the banner bellow to start.