Well, first of all I’ll start by defining what it is. As many of you know, fetishism is the act of sexual arousal to a part of the body or objects (usually occurs in men, but does not mean that there are no fetish women, huh?), Either by carrying, touching, sucking, etc.

Among the most common fetishes, are:

  • Feet (and I think this is the majority)
  • Shoe
  • Latex
  • Lingerie

And many more, that I will not name because I can not say with certainty which are the most common, but they are some examples so that you know that there are many and curious variants.


One of the most accepted theories is that a child (understood as about 2 to 5, 6 years old) misses the sexual arousal of the normal sex, by the part of the body or object. That is, if a child sees the object or part of the body, and produces an excitement, is able to confuse it, and create that fetish in him, which will surely be for the rest of his life.


As many of you know or have deduced from the previous explanation, shoe fetishism is nothing more than sexual arousal towards shoes, usually of the opposite sex, and I explain this, so that you dont think either that the world of shoe fetishists rotates only around the shoes, it is a wrong conception. For most men, what they like are women’s shoes, and men’s shoes do not look at them. And to women, it is usually the same, but here its very different to men, since many women are also fetishists of women’s shoes, and it is because shoes, understood as high-heeled shoes or shoes more formal, it is usually the women who are prettier.


I already mentioned some of this before, but it seemed like a curious section to tell. Surely many, you will think that fetishists accept any type of shoe, and that whatever they catch causes excitement. And I repeat, it is a wrong conception. Sure, many of you, would not mess with your father or mother (unless you were incest), or with the / the uglier child, or with the person who worse you fell, but without It would be the best thing in the world to be able to deal with that person you love so much. Well, in this, the same thing happens. It would not be the same to suck a shoe from the person who gives you the most disgust, that the one you love.

The example would be that two people, one repels you, and another loves you, but both wear the same shoes, because despite being the same, the “name” of the person wearing it already gives it a certain prestige, and It will give much more pleasure to the shoe of that person you love than the one you repel.

I encourage you to try, and if you love someone, try to touch the shoes of that person, and you would see that it is a sensation that you like.


Sure, many who have read up to this point, have thought that “what more disgusting”, “how sick”, “how painful”, “how strange”, and I do not blame you, society educates us well. Although it is true, that luckily that in this world there are many people with two fingers, and that will try to understand and respect all types of paraphilias. Now, you think that the insertion of a heel in the feminine genital is rare, for example, but … Is not a dildo an object?

And how many women on this planet will have given pleasure. Or for men, that there are plenty of objects to make sex object, I mean for example the inflatable dolls, how many men have given pleasure? With these examples, I want you to see that if for society something is accepted, everyone will accept it, but if it is not, everyone will reject it. When one of the causes of which it is accepted, it is the mere fact that it is carried by a company and that it entails its publicity. I do not want to talk much about this, everyone will think about their own, but I bet what you want that if they produced “special” heels for sex, people would accept it.


Maybe you will think, “What nonsense says this man”, but, look, that most porn movies, and when I say most say many, in the sex scenes the woman wears high heels, and maybe someone will shock them, but It is shown that it increases the excitement of man, that the woman wear shoes during sex.

Another curiosity is that shoes help many times, to flirt more, and this is also proven. And although it seems to be a lie, the human subconscious looks at many things, which we will not realize, but in terms of love, a simple act of wearing a headband can increase the sex appeal of a woman, and not realize it. And generally, for almost everyone the heels is usually one of the objects of observation of the subconscious, which many will deny, but surely many men feel like “better prouder” to go out (to go for a walk) with a woman wearing heels, and if a woman wearing high heels could make her feel more feminine, more “cool”, more elegant or beautiful, and a man more proud to be with a woman more feminine, more “cool”, more elegant or prettier It is considered (and especially in women’s fashion) that shoes are the most beautiful part of clothing.

And this, many of you will understand what I mean, is that if you take a walk through a shopping center, you will immediately stop at the first shoe store, and when you buy one, always try to make the heel the most beautiful, the most elegant, and the best of all.


Fetishism is often considered a disease, but really … Is it? Many will have thought, YES. But, I repeat, really … Is it? And I mean, fetishism is not going to kill anyone, and generally doesnt hurt anyone.

Another thing, that many people think, is that the practices of fetishism are variants of BDSM, and it is another misconception. It is true that perhaps to reach many practices, acts of domination are required, but it is not really done because of enjoyment, but because there is no other way, and in most cases, it is usually a soft domination.


Although many think that you will never practice any of this, many, have already done an act. And I give the most common example, which will sound to everyone. Sure, many of you have made a girl a joke in bad taste, or something similar, and she has told you: “I forgive you only, if you kneel and kiss my feet”, and how many would not have liked to have been to the feet of a girl kissing them, and the girl feeling like superior or cool knowing that she has someone at her feet. Well, you have already done an act of fetish practice.


Well, after having commented on some things, it would be good if you also knew more things, and I think many will say, “guys, what nonsense”, but there are 15 types of different shoes, which I will put on each one accompanied it with a photo.