I remeber when I started in The Feet Hunter, some years ago there were just a few foot fetish clubs or parties, and almost all were located in the US. Today you can find lot of them around the world.


The world is evolving towards foot fetish quickly and naturally; the parties and events related to this subject are more common every day and not only as a BDSM’ section, more like an unique and exclusive practice, that has milions of followers around the world.

There’s a huge difference between hostess club or nightclubs and a exclusive foot fetish club, like the FootWorshipParty in London. The rules are totally different, while hostess club are underpinned by sexual activities, on the foot fetish events people are focused in female feet.

Foot Worship Party London

Is not just simply foot worship, is that you have to choose the ones that you most like, to admire, spoil them and play with them until get satisfied; definitely, all kind of games and perversions about this fetish; smell, massage, be trampled on a good trampling session, lick sweet cream or jam beetwen the toes… The pleasure games list is almost endless. In Las Vegas Foot Fetish they offer, besides the traditional foot fetish service, the most kinky domination games.

Domination services at Las Vegas Foot Fetish


Of course, exist a domination element in this subject, some people can feel that in a more intense way, some people prefer a soft and tender pleasure. Foot Fetish can be related with domination or not, according to time or people. Kneel down at a lady’s feet, take off her shoes and lick her feet with devotion could be consider like an act of submission. Instead, to receive a footjob, can be perceived as a sexual game without necessarily having domination background. 

For instance, the foot massage can be interpreted in several ways, you know,  the inocent and traditional “Honey, I reached so tired, I need a foot rubbing please” or maybe a hot-kinky message like “Hey slave, come here and massage my feet NOW”. The first one could be considered like a common activity, a daily routine, pleasant but without sexual connotations; but the second way, has all the components; foot fetish and domination. As I said before, depends on the time, the situation, the context and the people. This is clearly well explained in TexasFootParties faqs:

Do I have to be submissive/dominant/kinky? Not at all!  While some people do associate footplay with domination or submission many dont.  Feel free to mutually enjoy feet and footwear simply as the beautiful things they are.

Texas Foot Parties double trampling


But still on the foot parties subject, what kind of things are posible to do there? Almost anything related with women’s feet; from simply admire, touch, massage or smell them; to tickling, kissing and licking them. Recieve a good trampling or maybe something of footslapping and even ballbusting for the most brave and submissive people.

The first rule in a foot party is to enjoy, go with the flow, be respectful but, under any circumstances sexual activities are allowed; in most of events, model’s nudity is forbidden. This is about just foot fetish and that’s all, maybe adding some domination games. Of course, under spetial conditions and always with the girl permission -usually in private sessions- could be dealed hottest services like the footjob.

Footjob and other services at BarBar Fetish Club in Thailand

But, there are a set of basic and minimum rules that must be followed, as you can see in the FootFetishNYC’s rules, like:

  • It’s not allowed to exchange personal info between clients and the models.
  • It’s absolutely prohibited take photos or videos
  • Must respect everyone’s anonymity and security
  • Only for people on legal age – Required ID to enter (21+)

There are other rules of behavior and common sense, rules that are also applied to any kind of public event:

  • Drink with moderation at parties
  • Weapons are strictly prohibited
  • No tolerance for racism, violence, or joking about violence
  • Nudity, genitalia contact, and any outright sexual activity is not and never will be accepted at our parties.
Model Hannah from Foot Fetish NYC


As I have said many times, not every fetishist likes all feet’s types, there are a very varied taste for everyone.

For some people is important shimmering and clean feet, but another people prefer them dirty and smelly; there are some people who enjoy big feet and long toes, other ones likes small feet with short toes and others like me, loves both no matter size. Large or short toenails, fresh pedicure or natural toes… It’s clearly specified in Touchfeet:

Requests of stinky, clean, heels, boots, socks, sneakers, stockings, and so forth are all allowed. In all sessions, the model will always be the dominant one.

Touchfeet services and prices

The good point about the foot parties is the foot variety; if its about a club or private session, you can choose the most desirable girl’s feet among the avaibles.

The parties and foot fetish clubs are something that every good fetishist should try, and now we have the lucky to enjoy of those kind of events in almost every part of the world, specially in USA and UK, but dont forget other countries like France and the famous ‘Le rubicon‘, a fetish club and foot parties organizer, or the Club-Sintab, the perfect meeting place for the foot fetish people in Germany, with a specific focus in nylon and high heels.

Foot models party at Club Sintab in Germany

You can visit the foot fetish clubs/events’ section here in my website, and you’ll see this is a fast-growing business, with every day more and more demand. In this regard, I’ve compiled a list of which are, in my opinion, the 7 best foot fetish clubs/parties around the world. Click here or the banner below to start.