Let’s travel to the past. Let’s just get in the DeLorean and go back in time. Let’s see how was the foot fetish in the early days of the Internet.

The Net has changed a lot. As with all technology, has mutated, has evolved. Do you remember Myspace? This is the father of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. At the beggining, there were no video platforms like Youtube, and the mobile Internet was very archaic, almost unuseless. Skype has replaced Messenger, Ebay was eaten by Amazon, Google became a large corporation and Netflix appeared to combat the piracy. But, what happened with the Foot Fetish?

Internet evolution last years

I’m sure you miss some good foot fetish sites that have expired some time ago. Great pages about female feet which dissapeared for some reason. You can’t get a DeLorean, but there’s a wonderful tool called Wayback Machine for visit websites that have been expired. Also you can use Expiredomains to find some foot fetish urls typing words like ‘feet’ or ‘foot fetish’ in the search box.

Wayback Machine for old expired websites

I have great memories about the first steps of the foot fetish in the Net, I remember with special affection sites like amateurspanishfeet and amateurgirlsfeet, both created 20 years ago, in 1999, and were taken out of services round about 2007. These kind of wonderful paysites with a lovely vintage style were very common on the early days of the Internet.

Currently Wikifeet is probably the most visited foot fetish website of the world, a place dedicated to the celebrities’ feet. The idea, however, is not a new one, there was another site before Wikifeet called celebrityfeet, created in 2005 in Italy: Love to see the celebs’ feet from back then. Wikifeet was born in 2008 and, 1 year later, in 2009, celebrityfeet stopped being active.

Famous ladies feet were exposed in Celebrityfeet

Do you remember the classic foot fetish clipstores? Some of them were funny: bright colors and a striking header, like smellfeetgirls:

Smellfeetgirls had great foot fetish exclusive content

Others, with a more serious style and simple designs like executivefeet. Different styles, but both worked the same way, just like today: a small payment for access to all the content.

Mature elegant foot fetish at Executivefeet

I created The Feet Hunter five years ago, in 2014. But there were a lot of other foot fetish blogs before than mine, sites that currently have dissapeared, like blog4feet, a site of foot fetish mixed with porn born in 2007.

The foot fetish and domination blogs also were very successful, like under-feet, created in 2010.

Besides the clipstores and the blogs, there were directories, forums, portfolios and other types of sites dedicated to the foot fetish subject.  I made a small compilation of them. So let’s travel to the past, to the dawn of the twenty-first century and let’s take a look to 10 OLD FOOT FETISH’ SITES THAT HAVE EXPIRED. Click HERE or the banner down to access.