Some time ago I made a compilation of the best foot models in Twitter, Instagram and now it’s Facebook turn.

Despite Facebook seems a bit old-fashioned social network, still being one of the most visited websites of the world, with hundred of foot fetish groups and thousands of foot models on it. Women who love to show her feet with not need for make money with this.


On Facebook, there are many foot models, most of them are amateur women who just want to show their feet (good). Instagram is also full of  girls showing her feet but with lot of private accounts (bad) and Twitter… well, Twitter it’s just an outdated site, extremely simple (ugly).

Let’s just stay focused on Facebook, a site where every day lot of foot models vanish, and new ones appear, a constantly changing place. Changing rules, options, policies… Changes every fucking day. However, are more permissive with adult content than Instagram, so there’s more free movement.


I’ve been in Facebook for a long time, following many foot models and joining a lot of groups related with foot fetish. Some of these groups are really interesting, like I love female feet‘ a good group with daily content updated. Another great one is Plantas, chanclas y sandalias‘ (in english ‘Soles, flip-flop & sandals’).

Also there are foot fetish groups focused in a specific topic like Nylon Soles‘, specialized in girls wearing nylone stockings and pantyhose, and with more than 11k users. I recommend you to join these groups, usually are very active and with lot of daily content updated.


As I said before, there are a lot of foot models in Facebook, and many others joining every day. When I say ‘foot model’ I don’t mean professional models, I mean amateur girls who love to expose their feet in this Social Network. And those are the most arousing women you could find.

One of them is Farrahfeet, a foot model with pretty feet, cute toes and soft soles. She loves striking color son her toenails, as you can see in the photos. Rohafeet is another one, a handsome girl who loves to show her feet openly, proudly and shamelessly.

Kim Blackfeet is one of my favorites, an ebony Goddess big lover of the foot fetish. Look at her feet, or rather, her amazing perfect feet, must be around size 7 or even 8. Tender, delicate and so sexy. PrettyFeet Robinson is the perfect lady for the ebony chubby’s feet lovers.


How you measure the beauty of the feet? I will start by saying that’s just a personal opinion, a completely subjective view. A beautiful feet for me, could be horrible for you – and back again. When I make female feet rankings, I keep in mind a range of factors.

Ratings are achieved by the average considering all parts of the foot: Toes, sole, instep, heel and ankle. Also are considered some features like the shape, the smooth of skin, if are well proportioned, imperfections like corns or bunions and the toenails care.

So, which are the most beautiful feet on Facebook? After a hard search I made a compilation of those which are, in my opinion, the 20 best girl’s feet on this famous Social Network. Wanna see the list? Click HERE or the banner down to access.