Every month I get lot of mails about people asking me about fetish foot theme. Couples, single men, housewives, mature and also young people who are very interested in this world.

I don’t consider myself an expert; but I love everything about foot fetishism, I’m just a person who enjoys this kind of fetish and I try to share quality content that I find on the net. I enjoy so much reading foot fetish stories and many of them are published the stories section, you can access from here.

In addition of stories there are also guides designed to dispel the myths surrounding foot fetishism. Manuals for couples looking for new ways to explore, understand and practice foot fetishism in the best way possible.

Explorations in Foot Fetishism” is one of them. It answers all the questions you need to know and go beyond. To begin with, this e-book talks about the foot fetish history and its origin, the scientific and psychological basis as well as explains the basic concepts of terminology.

In this e-book you’ll meet famous people who enjoy this practice, authors’ opinion, curiosities, stories… It’s a perfect guide to start, to know more about couple games and other important topics such as:

  • How normal it is.
  • The history of foot fetishism.
  • The scientific basis.
  • The psychological basis.  
  • The multitude of aspects and associated verbiage. 
  • Tips for him and her. 
  • An interview with a famous author & dominatrix. 
  • Some moves to try.
  • Three role-play scripts-sensual domination, the bratty princess, and the dominatrix

There’s lot of information on internet about foot fetish, but it’s often incomplete or confusing. If you want to fully enjoy this great pleasure you need to be well informed and a guide like “Explorations in Foot Fetishism” is a good starting point: a guide who teach, advise and it’s interesting / funny in equal parts.

Here you can find it:

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