FeetFiles.com was one of the best foot fetish clipstores. They used to share the best female’s feet photos and videos never seen before on the Internet. Here is a small sample of it:

Teen beauty is an amateur feet model

This teen beauty it amazing in every sense. She is smart and she is hard working but in her spare time she is an amateur model. Don’t be fooled because she is not a dirty slut who shows everyone her pussy and asshole, but instead she is here only to show us her body and her soft feet. Just look at how long and sweet her legs are and you will see why am I talking such sweet things about her!

Smooth like a snowball

These feet are smoother than a snowball. I really don’t know what else to say beside I’m love with girls who keep their feet in perfect shape. Anyway, maybe this would be a good time to tell you guys something completely trivial. You see, I didn’t have sex for some time now and I hate to admit it but I would just love to have a fucking girlfriend. No one night stands anymore. I need a woman for fuck sake!

Blond amateur with red polished toes

Blond babes were always my finest. Some guys like girls with black hair and I love the blonds. There is something is the eyes of a blond girl that makes my heart go wild. And everyone knows what else gets wild when your heart starts pumping!

Anyway, she has almost perfect amateur feet and that’s what it’s all about. I hope you guys love our new policy of sending you guys to galleries instead of a direct tour. That way you get to see more pictures!

Artistic Bare feet

Artistic bare feet like this one are truly what my blog is all about. This girl was glad to show me her feet and she didn’t even ask for a single penny. I loved to watch her take those shoes and once she was in her underwear I was really glad I have her in my studio. I’m a fan of bare amateur feet because these girls are plain natural and it really excites to me to see just how well these girls care for their feet.

Hope you enjoy the post.

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