Most foot fetishists I know tell me that they have always remember this attraction. But recently a friend told me that this fetish was starting to attract his attention and wanted to develop it. This broke my schemes. Asking to some foot lovers I found the best answers.

Are foot lovers made or born?

My – unscientific – conclusion of the study confirmed that most of the time the feet attraction is remembered from an early age. Initially as something innocent that, later, takes an erotic connotation. There are those who discover it by chance or those who are conditioned by their partners, friends or other circumstances. They are a minority, the exception that proves the rule.

But the most interesting of my question were the answers where the fetishists recounted their foot feitsh early memories. Here’s a small sample of foot lovers stories and personal experiences.

“When I was a kid (about 6-7 years old) I loved to tickle my female classmates when we were going to the pool weekly. At first it was just that, but as I grew older, I had my first serious foot fetish experience, that was also my first sexual experience. From there, I have been learning to enjoy with my fetish and most importantly for me, to make women enjoy with it.”

“When I was just only a child, being in the nursery I liked to go in the balls park to see the girls’ bare feet, but I didn’t understand why it made me pleasure and I never talked about it with anyone, it was a silent emotion because I was ashamed.”

“I liked to stay under the dining room table to see the feet of my mother’s cousin who lived in Paris and who always wore vertiginous high heels.”

“In my case, I was always watching on barefoot girls since I remember. But it wasn’t a very strong attraction. I liked butts much more, I really liked them without knowing why, and without knowing nothing about sex. With age I like feet more and more, adding something of moderate submission (nothing extreme), but always trying to serve women.”

“I have a foot fetish because my older cousin was ordering me to lick and kiss her feet. I did it, I obeyed, and the first time I had the courage to touch myself having an orgasm. I remember it every night.”

“I have it since I was a child, I always dreamed with thousands of women’ soles lined up and then have to kiss them all.”

“My earliest clear memory is to get myself under the table to watch, smell and touch the friends’ feet of my mother. I was about 4 years old. By the way, shoes were horrible compared to today, were the 60s.”

“My feet fetishism started, so I remember, in my judo classes, at the age of 6-7 years old. It was an only boys school and our judo teacher came one day with his girlfriend to give some lessons… Since then, the foot fetish has stayed with me.”

“I used to run following my cousins’ feet and when I was only six years old my aunt used to play with her feet on my face. In fact, her feet have been my biggest fetish.”

“I remember my foot fetish started from a dream. When I was 5 I dreamed that I was walking on the street and suddenly a giant bare foot trampled me through the ground. Since then I love female feet. Although over the years I have developed into deep my fetish tastes.”

“I felt in love to the female feet from at the age of 11-12. Also I have a special attachment with the slippers shoes. My neighbors usually gathered at home, 4 or 5 elegant ladies, sat cross-legged, making a large variety of footplay that made me crazy. Some neighbor noticed that and used to smile when I was in front. I fantasized about putting my nose between their toes and smelling all those women’s feet and their shoes.”

Not all the stories are from men who love to worship feet, there’re also fetish women who enjoy being worshiped:

“I have a strange duality. I have always liked to watch feet of everyone around me, specially strangers on the bus, ugly or cute, I didn’t care. I loved to look at them. I also like to show off my feet. I remember when I was a child I always said that my mother was the most beautiful, my father the most handsome, my sister the nicest and I… I had the most beautiful feet. Today I still enjoy watching feet and love to being worshipped.”

And finally, another testimony about what is probably the perfect job for any foot lover:

“I was born being fetishist of the female feet and fortunately I can satisfy my fantasies because I work in a women’s shoe store and I see many feet all the days. Of course I don’t like them all. I love to kneel in front of ladies to test their shoes. I love to do that.”

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