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I love the photography. I love history. I love the sexual freedom. Putting all this together we can do a little post traveling through the time. I’m going to show you some vintage fetish images from the 1920s to the 1960s.

Great photographers who explored alternative sex; we have not discovered anything in sexuality theme. In the future we’ll have new toys, new tools but the essence will always be the same: the pursuit of desire and pleasure. Some fetishes and practices are reflected in this small sample:

Photographer: Jacques Biederer. 1920 Several fetishes, the female figure predominates over the other.

Photographer: Irwing Klaw. Years 1940 – 1950. Bondage.

Photographer: Elmer Batters. 1950 – 1960. Foot fetish, legs and stockings. He was accused of obscene and perverted.

Photographer: Helmut Newton. 1960 – 1980. Fashion photographer. He was a high heels lover.

In addition, an Irwing Klaw’s video (40s) with bondage, stockings and shoes fetish:

The Best of Irving Klaw from Leather Archives & Museum on Vimeo.



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