Here you have the survey results published few months ago. Favourite female shoes, best pedicure or prefferred type of toenails for most foot lovers around the world.

What’s your favourite female footwear?

  1. High heels shoes 784 votes – 41%
  2. Flats or ballerinas 694 votes – 36%
  3. Trainers 227 votes – 12%
  4. Boots 210 votes – 11%


Yes, favourite female footwear for most of fetish people are high heels. ¿There’s anything more sexy than a pair of amazing legs, feet & heels?

1-high heels 1-flats-c
1-flats-b 1-boots-c

But the trend is growing up to flats lovers; 36% of total votes, many close to the high heel devotees. With quite less followers, we have trainers (12%) and boots (11%).

1-boots 1-trainers-b
1-trainers 1-high heels-c

What kind of pedicure is the best?

  1. Painted nails 823 votes – 51%
  2. French pedicure 407 votes – 25%
  3. Natural toenails 376 votes – 24%


The pedicure is very important for foot lovers; french toenails are also highly prized and sought after by fetishists as we can see in this survey (25%, 392 votes).

2-french-pedicure-c 2-french-pedicure-b

Obviously painted nails are preferred for majority; the half of votes has chosen painted toenails (51%, 807 votes) because there’re more options: someone loves dark nails, white, purple, green, red, blue… lot of possibilities.

2-color-toenails-b 2-color-toenails

24% of total vote for natural toenails; suggestive and attractive, especially if they are well cared, with a similar number of votes (372) to the french toenails lovers.


2-natural-toenails-b 2-natural-toenails

Which type of toenails you prefer?

  1. Short toenails 791 votes – 53%
  2. Long toenails 576 votes – 39%
  3. Very long toenails 116 votes – 8%


Toenails length is another important thing to review for foot fetishists. If you look at the survey results, we’ll see the most voted are well cut and aligned toenails; short nails are preferred for 53% (791 votes) of all voters.

3-short toenails-b 3-short toenails-c

Not too far away are those who love long toenails, with 39% of the total 516 votes, enough also appreciated by feet lovers.

3-long-toenails-a 3-long-toenails-b

But with many fewer supporters are people who love very long nails, plus size. Only 8% -116 votes-voted for this option, which indicates that there is little enthusiasm for this kind of toenails.

3-very-long-toenails-b 3-very-long-toenails-a

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